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about Yeast Infection Please help

i am so much worry about my yeast infection after my period and getting rashes also can i have some advice how to get...
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Hi there.  Oh, I hate yeast infections.  Do you eat probiotic yogurt (such as Dannon  Activia, my favorite)?  That is helpful for restoring the vagina and making conditions less likely to lead to a yeast infection.  Your medical doctor (gp or ob/gyn) can prescribe a medication that is called diflucan which is a pill that you take only once.  It is very effective at getting rid of all yeast that may be in your system.  Also, you should have your partner wear condoms until your yeast infection is gone because yeast can transfer back and forth.  If you want to treat over the counter, Monostat one day works pretty well.  The only thing is it takes about 2 days.  Then the symptoms get less and less and should go away.  I recently used this (and the one day has the highest concentration of medicine.  You can use the name brand or store brand) and it worked for me.  I used vagisil wipes to get some relief from itching, stinging and swelling.  You can even leave briefly in your undies for relief.  Change underpants often and especially if they become damp.  Never douche!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

good luck
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thank you for the advice. I love yogurt also. maybe ill eat most of the time now. :) and also may i ask about the rashes coming from sanitary pads are they also part of my yeast infection??
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