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aggressive PAP and hysterscope exam

10 days ago i attended my routine PAP exam. The doctor seemed irritated and heavy handed. The procedure was painful but she then went onto an exam with hysterscope which was extemely painful especially when she continually pushed down on my bladder. I explained that i now needed to use the toilet but she would not listen.
I was in so much pain and incontinent afterwards that i eventually went to see my GP who found that i had an infection. I am still on the antibiotics prescribed.
I now find that i need to go to the toilet every 30 minutes, day and night. I´m constantly dehydrated and exhausted. I also feel a burning sensation on lower right side and a very heavy feeling in the area of my bladder. lower central .
Is this likely to pass? should i return to my GP now or wait to see if the antibiotics change anything.?
This is now affecting my life. I can not even go shopping and ive wet my bed twice
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How long have you been on the antibiotics?
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-- If it's been more than a week, see your doctor again.
5 days. I have 2 days left. I didn't see my GP straight away thinking it would go away so I got to be quite poorly
I'd at least phone in, tomorrow morning.
Why did they use a hysteroscope for the exam? (Were they checking on polyps or something?) Maybe the thing they were looking at (or for) is what is causing the problem now.
I don´t know, nothing was explained, she refused to alter the chair for my comfort. the lady who went in before was very tall and i´m very tiny.
The hysteroscope was the 4th and final part of the exam. I was in so much pain that i agreed just to get off the chair.
Afterwards she pointed to a screen and said of my ovary, "cyst, operation". then she pointed to my womb and said "polyps, operation" i asked for an explanation but she just said i needed a hysterectomy. I asked her to send the results to my GP, she got annoyed. she was annoyed that i was a year late in making the appointment, yet they had not called me in. Its actually 8 months.
My GP asked for the results which have now changed to cyst, no action needed. A few small non cancerous polyps with  a review needed in 6 months.
It was while using the hysteroscope that she pushed very hard into my bladder. I let her know that i now needed the toilet but she pressed harder.
I´m 63 and had 4 children. Ive had many of these examinations. I don´t like them but i get on with it. Ive never been hurt or even been made to feel uncomfortable.
I have certainly never been left with an infection or incontinence.
ive used the clinic before but it was a new set up and a new doctor.
the feeling i have inside is like i am heavily pregnant with a baby playing trampoline on my bladder. i can not go longer than 30  - 60 minutes without going to the toilet but pass very little. I am very dehydrated despite rehydration solutions .
I´d appreciate any ideas to help myself because i am exhausted.
I am to see GP once the antibiotics have finished. Day after tomorrow
Also, not sure if it is relevant, i was not given wipes to clean myself up afterwards and by the time i got home, some 45 minutes later, i was burning inside and out. I sat in a warm bath but the burning continues even though it is a lot milder now
I am now back on antibiotics for a further 10 days. Bladder control is being worked at. I can now go two hours. One night four hours which was brilliant. I have exercises to do daily and a weekly one. It seems it could take weeks or months. The haematoma caused has gone, the cut got nasty before it healed and cleared up. Finally i have my PAP results which are negative. At first the clinic said i could have the results only when i returned to them. My GP wants me to be checked again by a gynecologist but to be honest I am not happy to do this right now. I would never go back to the original clinic and i have had a place recommended. Normally we have our PAP, and its forgotton about. I have a daily reminder right now and I´m scared
I am glad you have another place recommended. Your GP should also take note of the treatment you endured.

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