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air bubbles "popping" from vagina during the day

Ive got a really embarrassing problem, every day i get a strange air bubble like feeling popping out of my vagina, it happens when i sit down, or when i stand up, or when i walk.

Theres no discharge, and no extra lubricant.

Sometimes i can hear it, and im sure others can too... its similar to the sensation when air is pushed out of the vagina during sex, but a very mild  similar sensation.

Could there be anything the matter with my nether reigons?
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i dont think theres anything wrong but u could go to the docs just incase,
if your not in any pain and no discharge then i think your okay but im not a doctor,
i have similar things but i can just feel air coming out, it doesnt make any noise and can happen when im walking
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I have had similar issues at various time in my life. You failed to mention your age, however the vagina goes through many changes over time. The PC muscles loosen due to hormone change, age degeneration, tec. I would suggest extra PC muscle contracting. (every woman should do these) Start by stopping your urine flow several times midstream. You shouldn't be discouraged if you can't stop it completely at first. Eventually your vaginal wall will resume it's younger strength and this issue should reolve itself. Hope I have helped.
                       Been There Myself
It has nothing to do with loose vaginal walls because children tend to get it. So it's quite the opposite. I myself had this embarrassing moment and I was 14.
For me I find it's the position that I'm in, for example I do yoga and there's one position that I do have to stick my bum up in the air and every single time when I come back to sitting or standing up straight the air bubbles rush out. What I hate the most is when it gets stuck in the labia and won't pop!!! When I lean forward it rolls back and when I lean back it rolls forward but it won't burst!!! ugh
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My nine year old daughter has been experiencing this for years.  I thought it was little odd and ignored it until now.  Now I am doing research and it seems that some people experience this.  I've never had the experience and after five children, I am guessing I won't.
Any update on what it might be my daughter just told me the same thing. Trying to research.
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I am experiencing the same bubbles.  This is not what many call a queef.  This is not from air that went up, somehow.  It's like tiny, quite farts.  I would not understand someone describing this unless I have felt it myself.  This is new, a few weeks.  I have never had children.  My pelvic floor is strong from yoga and other activities.  I just searched this today expecting an answer like pH imbalance, BV, or yeast infection; just a symptom I have never experienced.  I am going to the doctor now that I only have MORE questions.  I will update with anything productive.
Any update?
Probably yeast infections like me.
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Hi there, i'm experiencing the same thing, only the bubble has gotten stuck and i've tried everything to get it out. Did your doctor recommend anything or have a name for this sensation?
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It's happening to me after I shaved the whole area.. I think it's just the meats down there rubbing against each other?
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Hello! So I have a..."fix" ...possibly. so when I wake up I get them too, I just squeeze my walls in and "blast" them out. It often comes out like vagina fatlrts..also known as queefs. Laying on my back and bringing up my legs and grabbing my feet "like a kid" also helps. Think of you v like a ...balloon ok? Sucking in and out and such. When we shift during sleep, sit back or even sit down out tunnel leading to that balloon moves. Sometimes we move in a way it opens the canal and sucks in a little air. That's all. Actually, if you learn to control it, it can be amazing during sex...if your open to it. I know it sounds weird..just a different sensation. Anyways, I hope this helps.
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Wow, can't use quotes in here. Sorry for the weird typos.
I'll admit, I was concerned.
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I've been having this bubble feeling and itchiness around private area for 2 weeks plus,which was a week after menstruation. This week I notice the bubble feeling is lessening but the itchiness still there.  Then today i decided to meet doctor for a check up. The result i got was bad, the doctor said I've got a bad Yeast Infections in my private part. So if you still have that bubble feeling, i urge u to see doctor and don't keep on delaying (like me).
Doctor prescribe me tablet to insert in the private part n anti fungi cream. Oh and im gona take a blood test on Saturday. Will give u guys update abt my condition/results. :D
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varting...just like a Fart without any odor......Varts !   All women have 'em at one point or other .   I just chuckle when  it happens to me ..just Don''T SHAVE your pubic hair.- it is there for a REASON,  YOU TAKE it AWAY  you remove it's #1 barrier against foreign objects.  ok, maybe a bathing suit trim......y'all gotta' keep your hair !
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Seriously NO ONE has mentioned queef yet? It’s fairly common, heck I had a friend back in high school who could do it at will, and interrupt class.... but I digress. It can be awkward and embarrassing but anyone who says it hasn’t happened to them is lying or it just hasn’t happened yet.
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