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am I ovulating?

. my period just ended on the 21st of this month, my husband and I had sex last night (26th) but before we did, I checked the mucus in my vagina (because I was unusually lubricated down there) It was like egg whites, I just read that your mucus will be like egg whites when you are most fertile. But how can this be when women ovulate 14 days BEFORE their period?
I also got my period very early this month, I usually get it on the 26th of the month, but as you can see from my last post, I got my period on the 17th. is that cause for concern? No, I do not use Plan B for BC. (only used it a couple times in an emergency, )  I am not on any BC, my husband and I always use condoms. But even tho we use them, I still panic until I get my next period.

I can't use pills because i am 36 and take medication for migraines, I guess that combination can cause a stroke. And I don't want to go on anything with hormones in it, or that messes with them. I just got my IUD out in May, and since then, my sexual appetite has come back in a big way, and I don't want to mess with that.
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It could be a sign of ovulation but thre's no way to know for sure unless you get an ovulation test.

You said something true on your post. Ovulation happens 14 days before your period, NOT 14 days after tour last period. And since you still dont know when your next period will be, there' s no way of knowing yet.

Remember that you are not taking any hormonal birth control so you coud still ovulate (unless your IUD is one of the medicated ones) but what it does is that it makes an inhospitable ambient for sperm.

I'd say that you have nothing to worry about since you say you used a condom too. You should talk about this to your doctor since he's the only one that knows tour case.
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