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am I the only one

Hi. I am a female that has never been on birth control nor any meds, doesn't even take meds for period pains. My back feels as if it will completely shatter, I bleed excessive to the point where I kill a bag of pads, my breast hurt terribly, I get nauseous, mouth waters and I cant stand up sometimes , the floor is my best friend, headaches, extremely hot or extremely cold, and the list goes on. As all symptoms attack at once I have to stay home. I'm 20 yrs old . Any natural remedies?  Help );
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Hi there and welcome.  Yes, I agree with Eve.  Painful periods, heavy periods and all of the symptoms of pms are hard to deal with and perhaps a doctor could give you some suggestions.

While every woman is different, when someone has what you describe, it is a good idea to run all of this by a doctor to make sure that there isn't an underlying cause.  A number of things can cause this and you need a doctor to verify that this is just your normal and not a health concern that needs to be addressed.

There are herbs that help with menstrual health if you would like the names of them, I can provide that.  You can find these in a health store.  I personally take plain old ibuprofen for pain of menstruation so that is something you could do easily.  

luck to you
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Hi NeeAmor,

I just finished reading your comments. I'm menopausal now, but when I
was menstruating, most of my periods were extremely heavy and very
painful. You say you haven't taken any medication for period pain.
You're only a young woman. May I suggest making an appointment with
your family doctor and talk about what happens during your period.
My periods were so painful sometimes I have fainted a number of times
so I sympathize. My family doctor at the time gave me Naproxcin which
I found very helpful. It's a muscle relaxant and really helped with period
pain. Your doctor may give you a referral to a gynecologist to rule out
a condition called endometriosis. Sometimes medicine is necessary.
I don't know of any herbal and natural remedies that help with period
pain especially the kind you describe. This medicine is also called Anaprox
and you have to have it prescribed by your doctor. I wish you the best
of luck. You don't have to put up with excruciating pain. I try and use
homeopathic preparations whenever possible, but when I get one of
my super painful headaches I take Advil migraine. Good luck to you. Eve

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Can't say that about myself. I have bipolar Ⅰ disorder with ultra-rapid cycling, ADHD - combined type, anxiety disorder NOS (because of my anxiety problems basically being a mash-up of GAD, social anxiety disorder, severe agoraphobia, etc,), avoidant personality disorder with borderline features, and I think that's it unless I have an eating disorder relapse, so to function kind of normally, I require medication. And for my physical health, I have a laundry list of issues there and without medication, I'd be dead. I'm known at the pharmacy I go to, I don't have to give my name. It's funny and sad.

May I ask why you won't take medication? I'm assuming you have some type of objection to medication/pharmaceuticals and I'm just curious.

If you have extremely heavy periods like that, you really need to see a gynecologist and make sure you don't have uterine fibroids or endometriosis because that is not normal for a period and a sign that something is probably up. Also, extremely heavy periods can cause you to become anemic. What you describe sounds a lot like endometriosis but only a doctor can diagnose that and it is important to get care for that.

As far as I know, there are no herbal/natural remedies for what you're dealing with, but I don't usually use herbal remedies. I've had too many allergic reactions to different ones that I'm over trying them. And this isn't something you should probably try to solve on your own with herbal supplements.
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Unfortunately, I haven't found any natural remedies that worked for my painful periods. I have to be on birth control for the pain, clotting, and to prevent ovarian cysts for 18 years. I do drink PMS tea, but can't tell any difference...
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