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am i pregnant or not

ok I had unprotective sex with my boyfriend on Dec 18, 15 had my period for only 3 days light now sense then no period..on January 22,15 did a digital test came back positve went to my dr and blood and urine both came back negative but have all the symptoms of being pregnant...so called my dr she did a urine test came back negative and a ultrasound came back with a cyst how ever she asked me if i had pain on my left ovary told her no so i really dont know what to say to that but still no period and it been almost 2 months with out period.......So my dr said she wanted to give me some pills to jumpstart my period but I will like to see if I should wait a lil longer to see or should i just take the pills....What should I do? Im so confused
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Hi there.  Yes, it certainly does sound confusing.  I think it is safe to say that your doctor is confident that you are not pregnant.  Did she check your thyroid or anything like that?  A slow thyroid can cause what you are describing.  She's wanting to start the pill to jump start your period?  Well, I think that is reasonable, however, if you are unsure, get a second opinion.  But I doubt you are pregnant.  good luck
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