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am i pregnant

yes me and my boyfriend had sex one night and the condom broke and we did not no nothing about it and he went in me and i was just got over my pms is there a chance i could be pregnant
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how close where you to getting your period at the time this happened?  If this happened two weeks before the start of your cycle then the chances of you being pregnant are good.  If it happened two days before you expect your period then no I would not speculate you to be pregnant.  You need to remember the average womens cycle is 28 days.  the average women ovulates around day 14 so you would need to have unprotected sex two to three days before ovulation and then there after ovulation to concieve a baby.  You should track your cycles.  Day one being the first day of your period.  This way you know when to be more careful when you are with your boyfriend.
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I would not say the chances of the poster being pregnant are "good" - remember, at best, under perfect conditions at the exact right time of the month, your chances of conceiving are like 20-25 percent. So, it's more accurate to say her chances of NOT being pregnant are "good".

To jmie - wait until you're late before you start to worry. If you had sex just while you were having pms, I assume this means just before your period started so it's not at all likely you're pregnant.
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If you were so worried about it, you should have called your dr about the morning after pill A.K.A plan B, now there is nothing you can do besides wait to see if you miss your period.
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thank you perty kitty.  I was not Assuming anything.  And yes the conditions have to be rite.  I never suggested an out come either way.  If the girl is young enough that she does not no that you need to have unprotecte sex in the beginging of her cycle  to concieve.  Depending on how long her cycles are.  she needed to hear the information that would be giving in Health class.  Of course I know that you would have to wait for your mency to be late to test.  This is not an argument gallery for the others that are reading.  I thought that I had given very accurated information.  I dont know that young ladies cycles.  So I gave her an average to work with.  If anything she walked away from her computer with a lesson to live by.
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She just finished her period anyway, the day before so I would say she is pretty safe.  
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field of dreams described the "typical" conditions as she stated- typical. you said she was wrong. you however seem to know that she is most likely not pg? eight ball or crystal ball? i think you should have kept your focus on the original poster.

to original poster: its likely to ovulate at any time of the month. the typical time is 14 days before you start. in the future if you are so worried, go to the clinic or er or dr and see about emergency methods.
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If the chances were "good" that women get pregnant every time they have sex during ovulation, there would not be so many women ttc. http://www.webmd.com/content/article/73/87993.htm

It's not good to mislead (or worry) women when the odds are generally against pregnancy even in the best conditions.

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i am trying to say i had sex two days after i got done pms and i quit on monday and i ahd sex on tuesday and the condom broke so i am just wonding if i coule be pregnant
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Anything is possible. I don't think so though. All ya can do is wait and take a test.
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You are fertile as many as five days prior to ovulation (because sperm can live up to five days inside of you) and as many as two days after ovulation (because your egg can live up to two days inside of you). Therefore, the length of your average cycle and the length of your normal period would effect the likelihood of conception.

For example, if you had a 7 day period, had sex on day 8, ovulated on day 12, and were due to start your period on day 26, it is possible that you are pregnant. I do not want to unduly stress you out, but it truly takes only once to conceive. Although some women have to try a much longer time, I know MANY women who literally conceived the first time they had unprotected intercourse (many of whom were trying to conceive and many of whom conceived accidentally).

My husband and I are the primary caretakers of my cousin's baby. My cousin conceived when she was 15 because of unprotected intercourse with her boyfriend, and she delivered the baby when she was 16. We have been caring for the baby for almost nine months now (since birth). Point being, it takes only once, and you should not take solace in the idea that some women try to conceive for a very long time before they actually conceive.

For future reference, I beg you to consider another method of birth control to ensure that if the condom breaks, you still have a "back up" method in place. You can do something like the pill or patch, or something like an IUD, the ring, Depo, etc. I wish you the best. There is no point in stressing out about it, but I would recommend taking a test 14 days after the encounter. Best wishes!
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