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anal issues

so sometimes when i don't wipe well enough, my ******* itches. i proceed to scratch it, but
then my finger smells and i can't seem to make it go away. does this mean im pregnnart? i know that when ur pregnart you smell weird things. im not sure if its because of that, or because my bootyhole is nasty. ive never had no nothin in my vagina though.
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If you have never had anything in your vagina such as a penis, then there is pretty much no way your pregnant unless a male ejaculated on your vagina and it made its way inside which is highly unlikely but possible. As far as a woman smelling weird when they are pregnant that should not be happening unless they have bad hygiene or an infection that should be treated by a doctor.
As far as your ******* itching because your not wiping good enough, well that's your issue. You need to slow down and take the time to wipe properly. If you have trouble with toilet paper than get wipes that are flushable and try that. Perhaps you have a hairy butt that is hindering you being able to wipe good and if so then you have choices there also as far as shaving or laser hair removal. And as for your finger smelling after you scratch your dirty butt, well, that's what happens. But if you are saying your finger smells from your vagina after you scratched your butt, than it sounds to me like you have terrible personal hygiene and that is unnapealing in all aspects of life. You will have issues with friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, jobs, and anyone else that has to be near you. If your finger is smelling that badly from scratching yourself, I would assume other people can probably smell you.
I am not sure how old you are based on your spelling and grammar, so I'm going to guess that your younger and I don't want to get to technical here, but bottom line is better personal hygiene. Shower daily at least once, you may need 2 if you are having bad smells. Find feminine soaps that help with ph levels of the vagina. And if you can't fix the smells then go see a doctor but to me it sounds like you need to educate yourself about pregnancy and how it happens and also learn about self hygiene and how to clean yourself better.
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