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birth control but late period

im on birth control, but im late for my period. im a little worried. the last pack of bc i went through, as soon as i got to the last row of pills my period started. this time its late. is that right? i know that birth control is supposed to help regulate your period so i dont understand why i would be late. help.
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Have you been taking the pills at nearly the same time every single day?  Have you been sexually active?

I'm asking because you need to rule out the possiblity of pregnancy.  If you missed any pills at all and you've been sexually active then you need to take a hpt.

Good luck!
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My AF never starts as soon as I start the last row of pills, it usually starts on Tuesday. How late are you? Is there a chance of pregnancy? A lot of things can cause a delay, but pregnancy does need to be ruled out. I would wait a few more days if AF is due this week, if you are a week late, I would take a HPT.
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When I was on the pill my period never started until 2 days after I stopped the last active pill. If ur period doesnt start soon I def take a HPT b4 starting a new pack.
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its ok i started today. thanks for the advice though. i was once again just worried for no reason :P
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If your AF is late every month then you may want to discuss it with a Dr.  Since this was the first time just wait and see how the following months go.  You may need a different BC.
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Hi, i never do this sort of thing but i'm really scared.

Now i am taking allese and i've been on it for three month now. I took my last cycle of pills on saturday and now its monday. So far every time i've had my period exacly the next day. Not this time. I recently also have had i believe infections with my uterus. I am going for tests this week but i'm nervous it will prevent me from reproducing. My breast hurt and the doctor says i have sisistic breasts(sorry for the spelling) and my stomach wont stop fluttering. I feel like i have a heart in my stomache and i'm on stage because i feel  nervous and butterfly's in stomache. Please help me. I know he won't leave but i have no money for pregnancy test.
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