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birth control question

i have just gone on birth control (lo-ovral) since i am in a relatively serious relationship.  i read in the packet insert that you can have sex without using a backup birth control method like condoms during the week of placebo pills (the week of your period) as long as you start the next pack on time.  it's been about three months since i started the birth control and during the placebo week, we had unprotected sex.  i've done this since i've started using the pill and i always get a period next month, so i'm assuming that the failure rate even after having sex on the placebo week without protection is pretty low.

my question is:  should i worry about getting pregnant if i had sex unprotected on the placebo week and accidentally started my next cycle of pills late or am i just being too worried?

thank you for your help!
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you should be fine. The active pills cover you for the whole month. Technically, during the placebo week you should have your period so you wouldnt be fertile anyway.
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that's what i thought and i figured i shouldn't worry about it, but one of my friends got pregnant while on the birth control pill, so i was just a little worried.  thanks!
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even if your on the pill you should always use another sort of protection!! i have known people also who have gotten pregnant while on the pill
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