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black scabbs on them Lips

I have oral sex with my boyfriend.  The next day a very dark dry scab showed up on the left side of my lip.  It was very sensative.  The next few days the skin on my lips was splitting & peeling.  As I pull the skin off, it hurt and would leave open skin.  Does anyone know what this is.  My boyfriend has a very bad yeast infection I believe.  He never got help for it.  So when I go get cured, he gives it to me over and over again but this time I don't know what this is.  My lips feel like plastic.  dry scabbs all over and dark. I like my lips but nothing helps.   It feel like super glue is on them.  it feel like adhesive on them and i wiped it off but some was left.  So what is this?

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Sounds like it could be Herpes
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at first when you said "them lips" i was thinking your vaginal lips. that is until you said you keep licking them and i knew you meant your mouth.
did the scabs come out the next day? i guess i dont understand how scabs can form so quickly after giving oral unless you had some sores prior, picked at them, THEN scabs formed? are they cold sores? that may be herpes. OR they could just be majorly chapped. i have known a few people who lick their lips constantly, and the area turns brown/scabs. its not pretty.
i dont know if your BF and you see other people or not but based upon what you said, he doesnt seem all that "clean"
typically men do not get YI on their own. you may want to post on the dermatology forum and make an appt with your dr. just to be certain its nothing serious.
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Why are you having oral sex with a man who does not care if he is clean or not? I AM NOT being judgemental at all. I am quite open minded. But, you need to take care of YOURSELF, even if HE does not. Please don't have any kind of sex with a man who does not clean up, nor care if he gives you an infection or not. If he does not care about you....then YOU have to care for yourself. And lastly, that scab could mean a few different things. Don't be too worried. Just go see your doctor, but be honest with him /her about the oral sex thing. Please tell the doctor what you have shared with us! And PLEASE find a new, "cleaner" boyfriend.....one who will care more about himself, AND YOU! Take care of yourself, because you are worth  
P. S. I have had to learn a few things the hard way, too!
Take this advice from one who knows and has been there.
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Oh my gosh. I couldn't imagine waking up to that. I thought the same thing oceans3 did. It was the "other" lips. Still though you need to get that checked. It may be something simple, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Good luck. Oh yeah, try putting some carmex on it.
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LOL...carmex!!! mine is missing and i JUST asked my hubby if he has seen it around. HMMMMMM?? its missing!
not that i have scabs...i dont. i just always need lip stuff. its an addiction of mine (one of them).
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Me too! I keep lip balm with me at all times! I feel naked without it!!!!  My friends laugh, when we go out for a night on the town or a nice dinner - they all have a special color lip stick and i have my lip smackers from walmart. lol I usually take my kids. lol  Good excuse to buy them some, lol
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you can so get a nasty mouth from a yeast infection! it would require a prescription rinse ew.
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them lips i just noticed that hahaha
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Perhaps you just have a cold sore - which is actually a form of the herpes virus anyway, but it may have been coming on regardless of the oral sex. It is possible that it was further agitated or irritated by any friction caused during the oral sex though. Get some Zovirax or go and see a doctor - don't keep pulling the skin off though - you could be spreading the infection or putting another one in their by keeping it exposed like that!
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