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bleeding 2 weeks before period while on the pill

im 18 and have been on the pill( yasminelle ) for over a year now and have been sexually active for 2years and 3 months with my long term boyfriend.everything was fine with the pill until lately.iv been getting headaches feeling sick not eating properly been very moody been bloated and constantly in pain. thats only over the last month.but yesterday i found a few drops of blood on my underwear thats never ever happened to me before and its 2 weeks until my next period.my last period was for the 4th to the 8th.i used to b very irregular and mood thats why i want on the pill and it fixed that until the last month.i was late taken my pill only once about a week ago by 6 hours because i was at a party.i usually take it at bout 5.30pm.
should i be worried?should i take the next one.i don't no what to do because i have no money so i cant go to the doctor with out asking my mam...which i don't want to do.
please if u can help- me that would b amazing.
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