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bleeding after orgasm

hello, i am 22 years old and whenever i orgasm (always through masturbation and sometimes with intercourse) i bleed very heavily just for a little while (1/2 or 1 hr max). it's usually a very thick and clotty discharge. when i masturbate, there is no penetration, just clitoral stimulation. i have noticed this problem for at least a couple of years and initially my doctor thought it was because i was in depo provera and had abnormal bleeding all the time. i have been on the pill for over 7 months and my periods are back to normal except after this occurrence following orgasm.

in april i had an abnormal pap smear that indicated i had HGSIL (high-grade intraepithelial lesions) of the cervix. after doing a colposcopy/cervical biopsy, my doctor decided that i am going to have a LEEP procedure for a 1/2 cone biopsy, but she isn't sure what causes the bleeding. they also did an endometrial biopsy as well as a saline infused sonogram to check for endometrial polyps and fibroids to see if that was causing the bleeding, but came up negative. they are stumped.

my sister had severe endometriosis at 31 and had to get a full hysterectomy last year. i, however, do not have any pain or cramping whatsoever, just bleeding. do you know what else could possibly cause bleeding after orgasm? it's gotten to the point where i don't masturbate anymore and i don't wait to reach orgasm during intercourse with my boyfriend because it's so grotesque and messy. what could it be?
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I don't know much about the technicalities of your problem, and realize that you are more interested in why you are bleeding in the first place than why it is related to orgasm, but for what it is worth, when you orgasm the uterus contracts, so if there is loose blood (or endometrial lining) inside it, that should cause it to come out.  It sounds like you are getting thorough medical care, but in your shoes I would begin to ask for a referral to specialists.  Good luck!
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I had endometriosis and adnomiosis when I was in my early to mid 20s.  I had a complete hysterectomy at 26.  I did have bleeding after intercourse but I also had severe cramping and pain (even without intercourse).  They could not figure out what my problem was either because the endometriosis as not that bad but after the hysterectomy they did a biopsy and found the adnomiosis which never showed up before.  I would go to a specialist for another look.  Good luck!
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Hi there. I am a 19 year old woman going through the exact same thing. I was on depo provera for over a year and finally quit it because I was bleeding heavily ALL the time. then my doctor switched me to the pill temporarily to stop the bleeding. It worked for a while and then it started getting screwed up again. Now I am on Nuvaring and I am not bleeding irregularly anymore, but I have had the same problem you have since I started birth control. I have not masturbated without heavy bleeding (very very dark blood) since I started the depo as I recall,and most of the time I bleed throughout and/or after intercourse. I had the same result on my papsmear as well, so there must be a connection. It is not only messy, it is embarrassing and luckily I have been with the same man since this whole thing started and he is very understanding but I had to buy cheap towels so we could actually have sex and not ruin the sheets. If anyone has an updates on this please please let me know, it is really a terrible thing to deal with.
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Some time it will serious,pls consult with ur doctor.
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hi, im only 16 years old and im having the same probleme i know what you might say "what is a 16 year old girl going to know about this" well i do because i having the same probleme since i started having sex which was i think a year ago i have only been with one man and that is it but ya i would go to see my doc. and she would tell me that needed to take birth control so i did and that didnt work and my friend told me that i sould go check if i had any cysts so i did and i had numerous cysts in both of my ovaries and my doc said that is why i was bleeding but i dont really trust her any more so im going to get another opinion with a different doc. well good luck!!!!
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i am on depo and i find the same problem, i will bleed heavily for a few hours after an orgasm from clitoral stimulation only , it baffles me and im to self concious to go to the doctor - if you have experienced this same problem does it stop if you stop getting the injection?
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i have a question for lala........ if you are on the depo shot already havent you already been to the doctors? why should you be embarrased? ((not trying to be rude, just confused)) and also what exactly does the depo provera do to your body? because i have always been irregular with my period, but i recently began having sex and i bleed after orgasm, and one time, i bled so heavily i really thought that it was the entire lining of my uterus, which pretty much scarred me, and i really havent had sex for months now because of it.  i have a lot of anxiety problems and i have for years now, and i  cant get over my fears and go to the gynocologist....
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wow. i just recently turned 17 and didnt start having sex until up about 3 or so months ago. i started the depo a week before hand. about 2 months ago. after masturbating (but not sex for some reason) i huge bit of dark blood would come out, ide whipe a couple times and it'd be gone, aside from the tid bit of spotting. i read all of your comments and i think it may have something to do with the depo shot. i mean are we all having off periods as i am? i bleed like once or twice a week and when i have orgasms dark blood comes out. im switching my birth control! ill get back to you in about 2 months and tell you my result! :p
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marie789: "i have a question for lala........ if you are on the depo shot already havent you already been to the doctors? why should you be embarrased? "

of course she went to the doctor to recive her shot, lala wants more information so she does not feel like a foolish when she addresses this issue with her doctor, good on you for wanting to educate your self.

i am 28 and have High grade dysplasia, i to am on Depo and have bleeding after clitoral stimulation. i have been going through this for over 5 years now. i am not shy when i speak with my doctors.... problem is, that are stumped!!! there is no medical reason for this to occur.

before marie789 gets all defensive, i have been to 7 doctors and 4 specialists. no luck on the cause of tratment. i even stopped Depo for 1.5 years at 3 doctors advice, got my body back to normal and still experinced the bleeding.

   so to all you women, keep pushing the issue, there are a lot of us with the same symptoms. some one will figure it out. just dot except "i dont know", go to specialists.
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I see I am not the only person experiencing this issue. Most of you have a link to birth control; I, however, do not.  I have not taken birth control since I was 16 years old and I am 31.  I bleed with clitoral stimulation and with intercourse.  Penetration is not necessary for me to bleed. Sometimes, I spot for days (which, I am guessing, is my period since I don't really have those).  I am trying to have children with my future husband, and am getting scared with this bleeding issue.  Sometimes, I also refuse sex because I don't wanna deal with the mess. I only recently began to have some cramps with intercourse, but I was also abstinent for nine years before my boyfriend moved in a couple of months ago. While I was abstinent, the only time I bled with clitoral stimulation was before a cycle (in otherwords, sometimes a cycle would begin afterwards) or after a cycle had ended.  I use the term cycle loosely because it is rarely a heavy session and usually consists of spotting.  I cannot afford a doctor, but I already know from doc visits at 19 (had DNC/lap) that I have endometriosis and recently diagnosed polycystic ovarian disease (with subsequent Diabetes, type II) from a hospital CAT scan. I really would like to know if anyone has found out anything about why this happens. I don't want to have a hysterectomy, I want at least one child before it is too late.
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I Also have this problem. For me it started a little over a year ago. myself, it does not matter if it is just stimulation, or intercourse. either way, 99% chance im going to bleed. and the weird part for me is if I know I am on my period, and chose to have intercourse, I do not bleed untill afterwords.
I was on depo for about 2 years, then switched over to the ring. About 2 years after being on the ring is when this all started. I have spoke to my doc about this, and all they could say is if it starts bleeding with out stimulation to call them. they could not tell me why, or what was causing this. I have'nt had any abnormal pap's, and have been tested for everything under the sun and nothing is comming back with an answer.
I too know how embarassing it is, but its more concerning to me. I'm glad Im not the only one out there with this, and I hope they can pin point this so we can all get some help with controling what ever this may be, or may trigger this. well besides being celebate.
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my name is tiffany and I'm 17..I noticed like to weeks ago after intercourse I bleed and it lasts a couple days.I'm really scared and I'm not able to go to a hospital without my mom and it's totally impossible to get her to come with me.any advice please let me know...really appreciate it.
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