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bleeding during pregnancy

ok, im 23 years old and 5-6 weeks pregnant Ill know for sure after the dr. starts measuring me. Yesterday afternoon after going to the rest room i noticed a really light pink discharge
Abnormal discharge from the nipple
Ear discharge
Eye burning - itching and discharge
Nasal discharge
Nipple discharge - abnormal
Urethral discharge culture
Vaginal discharge
and didnt see anything again untill that night a bit brighter moderate amount of blood. It stopped so i went to bed a little worried but told myself i would wait and see if it continued. This morning i went to the restroom and noticed another moderate amount of brown blood. I feel ok a bit tired but this morning my morning sickness wasnt acting up like it has been for the past two weeks I dont know if i should be alarmed or not somebody please help!
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Brown even pink blood ive been told when i was pregnant is okay but when it gets heavy BRIGHT red or oviously clots thats definutely something to worry about... the brown blood and pink may be cause you doing something a little to much whether bending the wrong way pulling something im not 100 percent and i am not a doctor but i do hope this helps! good luck and best wishes... congrats on the munchkin!!! :-)
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