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bleeding during sex twice

Hi, i recently lost my virginity, im 17 years old, and the first time my boyfriend and I did it there was no bleeding at all. However, the second and third time it happened, i bled quite an excessive amount. I told my mom after i first had sex to schedule my a gyno appointment just for regular checkups, but she hasn't scheduled one yet. It scared me a lot and i don't want to tell my mom about it, the whole situation is very embarrassing. It really ruins the moment and i just want it to stop, help me pleaseeeee!
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The first three or so times, I bled each time.  I wouldn't be too worried unless it keeps bleeding for days despite not having had sex during that time.  Each woman can be a little different.  And it is possible he was either too rough or you weren't yet aroused enough.  Definitely remind your mom to schedule the gynecologist appointment.  Sometimes moms get busy and forget if nothing you have said to her has set off alarm bells.
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maybe he was being too rough
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Hello there,

I just read your comments.  Hopefully, your family has a regular family
doctor. If you do have a regular family doctor, you're 17, you're old
enough to schedule your own doctor's appointment I would think.
I suggest making an appointment with your family doctor so you can
have a chance to talk to your doctor and ask the questions you want
to ask and express your concerns. Good luck to you . Eve :)
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