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bleeding/spotting between periods

My last period ended on about the 4th or 5th of this month and it is normal for me to get a small amount of brown discharge a few days after my period ends. Now though, it is about a week after my last period and yesterday I was bleeding and having brown discharge. So I'm a little confused as to why this is happening since I just had my period. And since its a week after and not a couple days. I've never bled a week afterwards before. Idk if its just irregularity or what's going on but I'd love some insight so I can stop worrying!
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Hi there and welcome dear.  Well, it does sound like your hormones are out of whack.  Break through bleeding happens but it is something to investigate.  I would set up an appt. with your ob/gyn for a pelvic exam to have this discussion.  Some women report that they get a small amount of blood or brown discharge when ovulating, however, it's not that common.  This sounds more like break through bleeding due to hormones.  Call your doctor and let us know what happens.  good luck
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Thank you. I was planning on going if it kept up but it has stopped thankfully. My gyn did also tell me that if it ever happened more then a few days after my period to come and see her. Is the break through bleeding kind of related to irregularity? I can say I have been pretty stressed lately and I took a test just to be safe and it came out negative like I thought so hopefully it is just breakthrough bleeding. I would think if I had some kind of infection id have itching or abdominal pains or something like that
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Irregular periods and spotting in between can be a sign of a hormone imbalance.

If you are not eating properly and may be anaemic that too can throw your menstrual cycle off balance as too can stress.

It was wise of you to do a pregnancy test, because sometimes you can get a light show of spotting.

Best wishes.
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