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bleeding when i masterbate

well i masterbate sometimes more like every other day will this started since last year everytime i masterbate when i climex it's all blood and everytime i call the doc they just tell me i need to take this i need to take that what should i do to get this to stop it's drivin me nuts really
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Well when i was 13 i used to masterbate and bleed afterwards i was quiet worried and then i decided to go to the doctors with my Auntie and i confessed to the doctor what i was doing and i felt emmbarssed but she said its normal !
I told her after i masterbate i have bleeding comeing from the vagina she said its probaly cuz your doing it hard  !
And she checked to see if everythinnk was ok !
and everythink was ok so dont worry u should just be gentle hun
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it may not be a case of doing it too hard. before i lost my virginity, i got fingered, but i wasnt ready at all, and this made me tense up. I bled afterwards and just assumed that my cherry had popped! then when i did loose my virginity i bled again, so this really confused me. Then i found out that when i was fingered, it was because there was no lubricant and i was tensed up. maybe this could be the case?
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I Know People Who Just Bleed.
Whether They Have Sex Or Masturbate.. They Still Bleed.
I Think Its Something That Happens To Some People And Doesnt Happen To Others.
If You've Been Checked Out And Nothings Wrong Then There Probably Isnt.
Try Not To Worry And Yeah Just Relax.
I'm Sure It Will Be Fine.

Elspeth. xx.
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okay, so i have been masturbating for about 5 or 6 years now, and only recently i have started to bleed badly.

i don't know whats going on, im still a virgin, but i use a dildo.

im only 15 and i can't tell my mum about cause she will look at me weird and now i don't know what to do.

could i have cervical cancer or what?

please HELP!!!
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I was master bating with 4 small markers and i was trying to see if i could do it for 20 minutes straight and when I took the markers out j noticed that there was blood. On them and in school about every 3-4 hours I have to go to the bathroom and wipe my vagina to get the blood out...will it stop...what do I do?
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Alexis, It might be better for you to find something better than  markers to use for masturbation. It may be tearing at the lining of your vaginal wall and causing some bleeding.  Try to find something with dull rounded edges.  If you can try to go to an adult store to buy a proper dildo.  If you are not of age, maybe you can find an adult to go buy you one or to order one on the Internet. I'm sure there might be someone you know that you can confide in and is at least 18. And always use lubrication with dildos, which you can easily buy at a pharmacy.  Worst case scenario, use a couple of your fingers for masturbation.
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I'm 16 and I have been masturbating for year and just recently. I have started to bleed when I masturbate especially when I hit my climax. and I not on my period or should be having it anytime soon. Can anyone help me out?
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I masterbate with a end of a hairbrush and when I'm done I notice a dark pink almost blood looking mixed with white com.. I'm not sure what's going on I've only been with 1 guy but when I have sex it doesn't bleed after only when I masterbate.. what is going on please help me
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Im also bleeding I don't know what to do. When I pee the outerpart of my vagina stings and I dont know what to do. I dont want to tell my mom because she might feel weird. Please help me. Im really confused. Ive read some articles and ir made me calm, but I cant find some answers. Help me.
same did u ever find out what it was bc I need to know im terrified rn
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This happens to me to. I don't get it. I'm the same age and haven't had my period... When I first had sex for the first time I bled a ton and thought maybe it was my period. But it has been 4 months and I still haven't had my period.
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ive been masterbating sence i was 9 and ive never bled but this mouth last week i was on my  period then was off it so i masterbated then found out there was blood so i thought it must have been my half so i put a pad on then today i had it after i woke up and found there was blood so im think could i have a charry but also what im thinking that i couldnt have one is my boyfriend fingers me and there isnt blood but is only when i make myself *** because he cant make me *** but theres not that much there so should i be worrying
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I wish there was like an actual person who could answer these questions because as much as embarrassing as it is, i masterbate aswell and I don't use toys or finger my self but a while ago I masterbated and noticed when I went to the restroom I bled. I had just masterbated and when I went I checked and there was a lot of blood I was kinda scared because now it hurts and I wish someone could help me. I don't want to ask my doctor because I'm embarrassed. I'm not sure what to do anyone that can help?
I have social anxiety so asking as Dr or having to talk to someone about it would be the death of me but I'm really worried cause mine bled a lot to, and has like a slight sting, did you possibly ever figure out why that happened?
No I never did. I’ve been afraid of telling my doctor that I masterbated because I’ve grown up in a place that’s a little conservative. They always tell me it’s bad to do that kind of stuff so when going in for check ups I lie. But after posting it I masterbated again like a month ago and nothing happened like I bled and started my period. I’m still not sure... maybe the clit is being hurt or I have no idea but maybe next time that I go I’ll have the courage to ask. Sorry I couldn’t have been more helpful!
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How do i stop this bleeding? i am 14 and i masterbated and went to use the rest room and saw blood.. i am in a total shock scared that will i be okay or will i get pregnant?? i can't tell anyone.. as they are asian parents they will kick me out of the house or dis own me if they know what i did.. someone help just tell me if is not serious really scared. I read few articles but they really don't make me calm some say it can cause pregnancy or some vein poped inside of you ugh help, shaking so much
So, not sure how you are masturbating (don't tell me) but stop doing THAT and you should stop bleeding.  You can not get pregnant from masturbation.  You get pregnant from having sexual intercourse with a male, putting a penis in your vagina.  So, if you ever get to that point, make sure he has a condom on.  If you are using something hard to masturbate with or haven't trimmed your nails, you could cut yourself.  Or you may have started your period.  Or you may break your own hymen and have temporary bleeding after that.  Try not to worry, likely nothing.  Got any older ladies to talk to like a sister or aunt?
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Masturbation does not cause pregnancy. I assume you are female? You would need sperm to create an embryo and get pregnant. If you were alone, there was no sperm.

You are sure your period is not due? They don't always come on time.

Did you use an object or your fingers? If an object, it could have scratched you, or bumped your cervix.
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