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bleeding.....strange? nipples hurt!

alright, I have not idea whats going on.

my last normal period was Dec 11.  Stopped in normal time. On Dec 27 it started again.  not as heavy, but steady for 10 more days.  Now, I dont' know where my cycle is at.  I had really heavy discharge, bloating, and cramps all last week.  still have the cramps and bloating but NO discharge now.  my nipples hurt like a *****, but not the breasts at all, which sometimes hurt before my period.  so confused.  my stomach is swollen, which i suspect is just being bloated.  some headaches, nothing terrible.

anyway, when should I be expecting my period?  is it already 1.5wks late, or should I be waiting a few more days still?  my period is always right on with the 28 day rule.

And has anyone had this perminently erect hurting nipple thing?
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Have you seen your doctor yet? Could you possibly be pregnant?
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The reason I ask if you could be pregnant is that I've read that some women experience spotting during implanation.  They also notice changes in their breasts/nipples.  I could be wrong, but 10 days seem like a long amount of time to be spotting, though. On the other hand, I've known women to have their periods throughout their pregnancies.
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It sounds like you had a period on Dec. 27 which would mean that if you are a 28 day girl, You aren't due for AF again til Jan.24. If she doesn't show, then take a HPT. As for the painful erect nipples, is it one or both? If it is only one, then it could be an infection of some sort. If it is both then it isn't as likely to be a worrisome problem. Just probably a hormonal thing since AF is coming close to being due or even the possibility of pregnancy. I suggest that you see your GYN to get all of this resolved and put your concerns to rest. Good Luck!
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okay, its 1/25.  still have the nipple pain thing.  and my period is a no show.

pregnant?  I suppose its possible, but i thought that even though the bleeding that started the 27 was really really light, it twas enough to wear a tampon, and then I could rule out being pregnant?

oh **** that would not be a good thing right now.  i could probably take a test and find out, but I dont want to know.
this would ruin my boyfriend (who i will someday marry, so i guess it could be worse)'s life for the moment.  he's planning to start grad school next fall..

i still think its unlikely, but now I am wondering...

right when the bleeding stopped it seemed like i had a UTI, but i kicked whatever it was in a day.  frequent urination since that though.  and headaches for about a week, but those are gone now.

help!  I really couldn't be pregnant bleeding that long could I?
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Today is the 24th noth 25th... Just wanted to let you know since in this case even a day can make a difference. I was doing the math with the dates you provided and you should be starting today if you are a 28 day girl.. So you could test today or tomorrow. You should see your doc about all of this as you are obviously very worried. And worry doesn't help things.
Feel better--J
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thanks for the help!  i really appreciate it.

i am a little worried - mostly because if I were to be pregnant, the timing couldn't be worse.
I am in a wonderful relationship and I expected to have children with him at some point, but the timing couldn't be worse.

I still think I will wait another week or so.  I tell him everything, but I don't even want to go there now.


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oh yeah - also, that last "period" i got on dec 27 that was 2wks early:

it lasted a week (7 days), but it was SO light - ya know the way it is on like the last day when you're not even sure a panty liner is worth it?

like that.  but for 7 days.

Is that really considered a period?
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Hard to say. You may have been pregnant at that time since it was abnormal. The docs will ask when your last NORMAl period was.. I don't think that counts as normal so be sure to explain the details when you go in. You are going to get checked out aren't you? I hope so..
Keep us posted.
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im going to wait another day for a hpt.

then i will go. but i want to give it some time. i have no insurance and im sure its no big deal.
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took the test and it didn't show anything really?  it was the EPT first response one, and it is supposed to have a + - for pg, but it was VERY light horizontal line in the 1st window.  hardly noticable.

then it occured to me:  the test has been sitting in my glove compartment since last march.

could this be a problem?

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a horizontal line? what is the expiration date on the box? check that and see. i would go and buy a new one and see what it reads this time. i would think they expire but i dont know how long. also, its not an accurate result if it came out a horizontal line (supposed to be a plus or minus sign).
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hello, im kinda new to this site but i have read your posts. i hope everything goes well for you and that you get everything sorted out with your suspected pregnancy thing but i was wondering what this could be because my nipples have been hurting recently too. its mainly just my left one but my right one doesnt seem to hurt. i am on the depo-provera 3 month contraceptive injection and my last period was sometime in december as the depo prevents periods so that isnt a problem. but i was just worrying what this nipple thing could be..i cant be pregnant or have an STI can i...???please help
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my girlfriend complain about her nipples hurting do yall think it is possible  2 be a hormone thing
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