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blood type of a baby

i have friend whose married but she has an affair. she got pregnant but she didnt know who is the father of her baby. her LMP is july 9, she had intercourse between 18-23 to her husband, shes not sure about the date, but that dates are her fertile days. and had intercourse with her BF july 24. she was supposed to have her period on aug 6, but unfortunately she got pregnant. she wants to know who is the father.
i told her about the blood type of the baby. i dont know if i was wrong.. she said her blood type is B and the hubby is AB. so it is impossible to have a blood type O baby. she doesnt know the blood type of her BF, since he left already on august 2.
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Everything I've ever read/heard, etc. says that it is impossible for a child to have a blood type that is not the same as one of its parents.  That said, my mother is A and my father is B - yet I am O.  I've discussed this with my mother ad nauseum over the years and she has become downright angry because she knows my father is my father (plus, I've inherited way too much from him to cast doubt of his fatherhood).  So, I can't really say what's truly possible or not... but it looks like your friend put herself in this situation and it's time to own up to her deception.
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it is possible you're blood type is O, look at this chart :


it really says that you could have an O type, coz of your mom and dads BT. but my friends situation is different. she is not supposed to have an O baby.
yes, she puts herself to this situation but this is not the right time to condemn her.
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no not at all I just googled it and I don't know how to explain it but it could very well be her husbands baby. To be safe I would just do a dna test they really aren't very expensive for a private one thru the mail for personal use.Of course it wont hold up in court but atleast then they would know forsure. Just do a quick google search and make sure and check the company out on the better buisness bureau.
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Well, thanks for the education.  I wonder why I couldn't find information like that before.  But... I still think it would be best for your friend to come clean.
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thanks mrsgodspeace. i hope my friend will be ok, she worried too much and i told her to stop worrying coz it will affect her baby. im trying to say all the good words to her so she feel better. we are both pregnant and i feel the pain too coz shes my friend.
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You are correct that if the baby is O, then the BF is the father, but your friend doesn't know yet what the blood type of the baby is, right?
Unfortunately, form the dates you wrote down, either could be the father (I'm assuming she had unprotected sex with the BF). She could talk to her doctor about possible tests they could do. I know amniocentesis is an option but it's is risky and it's usually done between week15 and 20, although it can be done as early as week 11. I guess it depends on how worried she is and what she'll do if she knew for sure who the father is.
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