I have 3 boils on my vagina area, these boils are forming all over my body I don't have insurance but some people claim it may be that I am a diabetic.  These boil on my vagina are painful especially the one on the top of the vagina on the lips.  How can I get rid of these boils???
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i have a boil on my vagina for 2 days and i have a boil under my arm its been there for couple of mouths and i think i have a boil on my butt. I it hurt just wnat to know a home remedies for that and so im new
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I think its a boil. Omg it hurts so much! It's hard, its like a golf ball size, no visible puss yet. I can hardly walk, sit, sleep its so painful. Been with this for 6 days now and the pain just gets worse. Im seeing a gyno tomorrow and I'm scared since it hurts so much without even touching it! I don't know what the doctor will do, does anyone know what will the doctor do to me?
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My 1st Time Getting Boils I Had 4 *** Out Of No Where On My Back And They Had To Be Painfully Drained. The Best Advice Is To Leave Them Be I Kno Thats Its Going To Be Hard With The Constant Itching Or The Need To Touch Or Pop .Poping A Boil Can Lead To An Even Bigger Infection I Kno Becase 1 of the 4 boils I Had got Infected I Had On Antibiootics For like a month.
Now I HAve A Question I Have Several Boils(What Im Hoping And Thinking It Is)On My Lips And 2 Small inside Ones Inside my Vagina I am Going To The Hospital Tomarr But I Want To Kno Is There Any Advice Any One Can Share With Be About Trying To more comforatable with these boils just until my doctors appointment ? And If So Plzz Givee Step By Step Directons ... Sorry That You/We're Going Thru This.
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I have a boil on the lip of my vagina its not very big but it's very painful I tried poping it last night buh not much came out any advice on what I should do ?
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