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breast problem

hello i m 22 years old my boobs r small i m 34A my height is 5feet 6 inches n i weigh 58kgs my fiance is v unhappy wid my small breasts wat can i do to enlarge them?r pills useful?
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Get a new boyfriend.  

Your breasts are going to stay that way, unless you opt for breast implants.  There are no pills.  Good luck and work hard to find self-confidence -- if he wants big boobs than he can grow his own.   :-)
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Time to find a new boyfriend.

If he is not happy with perky, small breasts then surely he will not be happy with you 9 months pregnant, 45lbs heavier, with sore breasts from getting your milk in.

Then when you are done nursing he will surely not be happy with saggy boobs with stretch marks.

You need a bf that is happy with you for who you are. Bresat implants are pretty invasive. They have side affects. I knew a girl who has an implant deflate on her honeymoon. One size was a 34A and the other was a 34D - your Bf would not be happy with that either.
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Ditto on getting a new boyfriend.  You are too young to be tied down to some guy who can't appreciate what he has got!
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You could gain 50 lbs. then your gals would be bigger.  But then your BF probably won't like the weight gain.  If I were you I'd keep the originals and get rid of him.
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Are you sure u want to marry this guy? He has got you so worried about your breasts you are saying they're a problem. I see the only problem is him. Sure every guy looks at big boobs, but not all want them. I am 24 and a 34-b and for the longest time 17-21 I hated my breasts all the guys looked at my friends before they noticed me,(they all had 34c's and up.)I thought seriously on some implants. Then I met my boyfried of 5yrs and Yes he does look at the big chested , but he tells me that mine are perfect size.

So if I were you I would not go under the knife for somebody else who thinks you need them. If you want them fine, don't do it for him. I think in the long run you would really regret it.

Ask yourself this-

Do you really want to be w/someone who makes you feel uncomfortable about your body? Someone who is so superficial he cares about what's on the outside rather than in?
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oh dear, one of those guys? how does the ole saying go? anything more than a handful is a waste? a guy like that is never going to live up to your expectations. he is your fiance? makes him a bit harder to get rid of doesnt it? i have always been small breasted (about yer size)5 ft 4 in. but my guy never seemed to care. (i think i cared more)it made me feel less feminine. you would most likely feel off balance if you had bigger boobs. out of porpotion. as much as i always wanted bigger ones (even when my guy wasnt complaining) when i got pregnant, i was like, yoo hoo, finally, i get to have big boobs!! lets party!! wasnt meant to have em because i ended up staying the same size and wearing the same "training" (ha,ha) bra that i wore all along. wouldnt ya know it. so, appreciate what you have cuz when you get older they WILL sag and im not talkin 80's/90 yr old. they begin to sag a lot younger than that w. large breasts. if you are small, they will be nice and perky for years to come. besides, breasts are for one thing and one thing only...breastfeeding your baby. thats why we have em. god didnt make them for our men so why should they have a say?
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Oh honey...don't you know there is someone else that will love you just the way you are?  Move on!
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