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breast question

just wondering , if anyone knows what this might be or if they have experienced it.

i went to the doctor 2 months ago for a breast exam, which he said was good.  i went because i had a weird thing happen during a breast exam. during my exams, i push my breast from one side to the other,  mashing them around. i know this isn't the right way to do an exam but, i don't really know why i started doing it. anyway, sometimes what feels like a " nodule" comes from the part of my breast tissue that is being mashed to the part of my breast that meets the breast bone in the center of my chest. it's kinda like  when i mash hard on one side, it pushes this nodule out where i can then feel it. the nodule is about the size of a large pea, obviously moves very freely through the breast.  my doctor didn't get to feel it because he couldn't find it but, said a cancerous lump wouldn't present that way. it doesn't seem to have grown but i don't know since i only experience occasionaly.  should i just stop doing breast exams that way and do them right and not worry about it? if i do them right, i know i will never feel the lump anymore.  i never would have even known it was there by doing a breast exam the right way.
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i dont know, i would do the breast exam your way and the traditional way. cant hurt to do both. you know your body. i think i would also go back and have the lump checked out or have a 2nd opinion. you found something there that shouldnt be there and should find out if its cancerous/not. you dont wanna fool around with this sort of thing.
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i would go back to the doctor, but i know he's not going to do what i do to find it.  anyone think it is just a fat nodule?
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you could also see if you could get a mammogram, that will tell you for sure
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Hi You could do the same examination you do at home in front of the doctor.That way he can feel of the pea sized lump,it's worth a shot,if he doesn't like the your doing it tell him that this is the only way you can find it,and that you want him to take you serious.You know your body way better than the doctor does,he or she doesn't tell you what you feel or not you tell them.Make reappointment and make your doctor listen.Take Care TNT406.
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