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im 23 and been suffering from really sore nipples, they seem to hurt whenever i knock them or if i were to push my nipple inwards both are equally as sore but my left breast seems to be getting a sharp pain when i breath!! i always seem to have tender breasts ever since i can rememeber. i check them for lumps but havent noticed a change. over the past month i have noticed my nipples have become darker around the outside, i recently thought i was pregnant but took 3 pregnancy tests and they each came back negative!..i dont know whether i need to visit my doctor as i dont know if its anything serious. im also on the pill but have taken a month break from it and dont know if this is the cause.
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It could be a hormonal change because of the break you took from the birth control pills.  Because of the sharp pain you are having though, I would suggest you schedule an appointment with your doctor to make sure everything is ok.  Maybe they could do a blood test as well just to rule out the possibility of pregnancy too.  Good luck to you :)
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I think you are right. You need to talk to your doc. The darkened color around your nipples are a sign of pregnancy. You could be sore because of the milk trying to make its way into your breasts. They travel through tubes like things and if there is a problem with that that could be what is causing the sharp pains in your breasts. Especially if it is getting worse. The best thing you can do is just to make an appoinment with your doc and talk to him or her about what is going on. Have you missed your period? That would be my first question to myself.
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