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brown discharge?

So, I had rough sex that made me bleed during it. I bled for a couple of days after. Then i started to experience brown discharge. When i got my period it was a really dark brown. I went to the doctors, had a pap test done. I had a bacterial infection. I took antibotics. Before my next period, i experienced that brown discharge but it was lighter and sometimes a lot of it. My period when it came was a light brown and it rarely had spots of red. It was a very light period and didnt last long. I went back and took more antibiotics. Its almost a week before my period starts and im experiencing the brown discharge again and at one point their was bright red in it. Im concerned. Is it from the rough sex and its just old blood? My periods also use to be irregular and id get them twice a month until i started the pill 2 years ago. And now theyve been light and maybe lasts for 3-4 days.
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Hi, brown discharge is old blood.  From whatever happened during the rough sex and after, that is probably the remnants of it.  You've had a pap smear so that is good.  If it continues, see your doctor again and look into a hormonal imbalance such as too much progesterone production.  good luck
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