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brown spotting during pregnancy

I'm approx 9-10 weeks pregnant and things have been going good. Yesterday though I had some brown spotting in my underwear. It was kind of creamy looking and didn't exactly smell like blood. It smelled more awful than anything else. Since I have been to the bathroom many times and only once since has it been there. I am curious has this happened to anyone else? Should I worry? Also, I dont know if this means anything but I have been SERIOUSLY constipated and haven't moved my bowels in almost a week. any ideas what the brown spotting could be caused from and should I be concerned?? thanks so much!
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It's very common to have spotting in pregnancy, especially early pregnancy.  I spotted at about 7 weeks.  I'm not 34 weeks.
If you are extremely worried call your dr to have an u/s to be sure but unless it's really red I don't think you have annything to worry about.
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I had spotting of all kinds, pink, brown and bright red with tiny clots.  I'm now 23 weeks and everything is going well. It is very scary to see, but it does not always means something is wrong.  The important thing is that the amount does not increase and that you don't start to have cramping with it.  If it continues, then go ahead and call your OB/MW b/c they may want you to come in just to check it out.
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thanks for the replies... I am not having any cramping which I know is a good thing. the only thing that scares me is that i had a m/c in 2004 then i gave birth to my son later that year. with the mc though i had no bleeding or cramping. i had an u/s and heard the hb and everything was normal but 3 days later i went back to my appt and i was given another u/s where there was no hb seen. i dont know what happened in that short time but something happened. i was only 8 weeks with that pregnancy they gave me a d n c.  but wit my son i had a perfect pregnancy, no spotting no NOTHING. i guess thats why i get scared with everything this time cause things went so well with my son. but no cramping and the blood is gone allready and yesterday it was only brownish blood, i guess that means dried up blood from somewhere?? i called my ob and they told me to take it easy and not to worry bc it not red and it is allready gone and i have no cramps with it. so that eases my mind ALOT. i just want everything to go well and i want this baby so bad and i want her ot be healthy and i am doing everything to make sure of that. thanks for the replies, keep us in your prayers please... thanks soooo much
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So if you were me your basically saying you would not worry, right? Its hard not to worry or think about it bc its such a huge part of me and i love this baby so much and want her to be healthy. I really appreciate the advice from you both. Why would i be having brown old blood? I actually think all is going to be ok but like I said I just worry bc i guess thats natural. thanks
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I just found out I'm pregnant about 3 weeks ago. Currently I have brown spotting, along with a little blood. I went to the hospital and they said they need to monitor by HCG's but also that I have a UTI. I'm worried because I don't know if this is something serious or not and because it's so early the doctor said she can't tell me much. Has this happened to anyone else????
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i spotted at 14 weeks and panicked. a scan showed a completely normal baby and he is now 8 yrs. the doctors say it is easy to have an erosion on the cervix that can bleed a little during pregnancy. unless you are in awful pain and bleeding heavy you are ok. my sister had a rush of heavy bleading and lost some big clots at 10 weeks. katelin is now 10 yrs old. dont fret about it its all normal. people can have periods all through there pregnancys. after having an early miscarrage, let me tell you... YOU KNOW  without a shadow of a doubt what is happening and there is nothing that will stop it.
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I had that same thing with both pregnancies!! Everything turned out fine. My boys were born at term and are healthy today.

Brown blood is old blood and I think it happens with the placenta takes over from the luteal cyst so a little breakthrough bleeding happens... anywhere from 9-12 weeks this is what happens... Honestly do not worry about m/c... My doc said most m/c happen before 8 weeks...

Brown is OK, and it happend to me, my sister, my mother and my aunt, a friend and my sister in law... ALL of us had babies and no one miscarried.


Try the message boards at: www.fertilityfriend.com (they have a pregnancy site too and you can talk to many women about preg. and then the birth/baby... you name it!)
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the blood hasn't been back so thats a plus and no cramping either. i have been resting with my feet up and basically being lazy, lol. anyways thanks to all of you for the replies, its alot of help to me. i'll let you all know more when i have my next appt but i'm sure all will be well. thanks all
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Hello Everyone. This is my first time bein on here. Im 6weeks and 5 days pregnant. This morning i went to my doctor cause i wasnt feel well. When i got to my doctor i started to bleed red. She checked me and she said that my cervix is closed. I know thats a good sign. So i went to the athrasound and she said that the baby looks fine to her, the heart is beatin. Right now im doin ok, im not cramping right now. but i was a little earlier than it stop. i dont understand what is wrong. Right now the doctor doesnt know why im bleedin. but i guess i have to wait and find out when they know something. Does anyone know what wrong with me if they had this problem? im just worry i dont want to lose my baby, this will be my second child. my daughter is 2 years old now and everything went good with her when i was pregnant with her. thanks
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I spotted at 5 weeks and am again spotting at 11 weeks.  I hate the feeling off seeing the brown on the tp!  I had an u/s on Tuesday and the baby looked great and had a hb of 169.  It still makes me so nervous!
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Hi everyone, it seems as though most of us are experiencing the same symptoms! I have just found out i am 5 weeks pregnant. And have brown slight discharge when i go to the loo. I wouldnt say im experiencing cramps but my stomach does hurt intermittently through the day, it seems to tighten. Any ideas?
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I am approximately 5 weeks pregnant and I too noticed brown on the TP last Tuesday.  I panicked when I saw it.  I called my doctor and she said that's normal.  But I am still nervous and worried.  This is our first child and I'm 32 years old.  Every pain I feel I keep imagining that I'm having a miscarriage.  I have this slight little tightening pain that comes and goes in my right groin area which is making me nervous.  I don't have cramps in my stomach but from time to time I get what it feels like premenstrual cramps but then goes away.  But it's the brown with the slight brownish discharge that is making me worried.  Any thoughts or info?
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