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bumps on vulva

I have always gotten these puss filled bumps on my vulva area and a doctor once told me it's a kind of bacteria that causes them and there's no cure. I have lived with this for years. But now, not only do I get those, but I have noticed that in the creases of my vulva, at the top, it looks like i have a rash on both sides. One side is now healing, but the other side itches so bad sometimes that the skin is starting to peel and everytime skin tries to heal I scratch again and becomes raw again. I have scheduled an appt for the 9th of April (I hoped I could've gotten in sooner but...). Any suggestions on what this could be?

I have also noticed that by my vaginal opening I have three really small bumps. I just noticed these bumps about three weeks ago. They kind of look lie white heads. I have been online forever looking at pics of different stds, but I can't find anything that looks like what I'm talking about. My boyfriend and I have been together almost two years have never had any stds between us. I did, however, just have an abortion in December. I went for my three week check up afterward and everything was fine. Could the dr have missed something? I am now on Mirena. Could these bumps be a side effect?

I have also noticed that my pubic hair have several split ends and is very frail and brittle. Is there a reason for that?
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Concerning the rash, I'm a big believer in antibiotic cream.  It kills the bacteria and helps moisturize the damaged skin.  It won't do much for yeast, but if you're scratching it you've at least got to get rid of the bacteria. It's also cheap and readily available. Sorry, but I don't have any advice for your split ends.
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When your doctor said it was a kind of bacteria that you cant cure did he/she even tell u the name of what you have? are you sure they didnt say it was viral? As iam sure you can get rid of bacterial infections. Are these symptoms constant or do they go away and then come back again? I really think the doctor u saw didnt give u any info about this and I hope the next doctor u see is moe helpful.
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