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calcified cyst

Has anyone ever heard of this??  About 4 years ago I had a vaginal hysterectomy but still have my ovaries. No problems from that, up until a couple months ago... Due to abnormal bleeding, I had a pelvic/vaginal ultrasound last month and it revealed a cyst on one ovary, which doesn't concern me, but what does concern me is I  have a "calcified cyst" on the vaginal cusp<--that is where I was sewn up on the inside where the uterus was.  I won't get in to see the gynecologist until Dec 3, and in the meantime I have been trying to find information on this but haven't found anything. My regular doctor said she had never heard of it.
Any comments, info or advice would be appreciated.
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I saw the gynecologist today. The vaginal bleeding is still sort of a mystery, she didn't think it could come from the cysts. Could be endometriosis though. My ovaries are still functioning so I can see that as a possibility. And when I had lesions or whatever you call them removed (years ago) from the endometriosis the doctor was unable to remove all of it, without damage to my bladder or colon, etc. So it maybe could have migrated, or new spots formed ??
At my appt today, Dr said that ovarian cysts up to 3 cm are nothing to worry about.
But the calcified/complex cyst in the vaginal cusp-- she said could have been caused by endometriosis or blood clots. So it's not necessarily cancer. Most likely benign.
So I am getting another ultrasound on Monday the 7th, and if that cyst is still there or has gotten any bigger, I will be having surgery.
So things are still up in the air, and I have to wait another 2 weeks to find out. UGh.
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Once a cyst has calcified, it will not go away on its own, like most cysts do. It has to be removed. But it isn't necessarily cancer. However, all surgical excisions routinely go to pathologist for examination. You will get a pathology report after the surgery, that will say whether it was cancerous or not. Probably it won't be. Wait and see.
Welcome to MedHelp, furious_curious.  The last post in this thread is from 2009, so I suspect the OP has resolved this issue.  If you need help finding more current content, please let us know!
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