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can I be pregnant

Okay so a week ago when I applied pressure to my left boob white liquid stuff cane out my boob and I didn’t tell anyone anyways two days later I gave head to boyfriend and I swallowed this happens around 8:30 right when we were done I used mouthwash and we left to school when I got home around 3:30 I fingered my sled and used the my saliva as lubricant  I just had gotten of my period. can I be pregnant and then like 1 day ago my boyfriend fingered me and I’m getting a discharge or spotting and it’s kind of red and my breath is still doing that CAN I BE PREGNANT I have been freaking out
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Not from the activities you have described.

Regarding the liquid from the breast, milk or colostrum only develops to support the baby right around the time it is born. So unless you've been pregnant for 9 months, pregnancy is not what is causing the white liquid. (I guess you would have mentioned it if you had been pregnant nine months.)  You should go to the doctor to check your prolactin levels, to see what has caused the fluid.

Fingering yourself using saliva for lubrication after giving a b. j. hours earlier is not going to get you pregnant. Your mouth is not a storage medium for semen, it would have been way to acidic to support semen survival. And besides, you used mouthwash, and you presumably ate a meal in the meantime.

Are you really saying you gave your boyfriend head at school? Do you really think that's a good idea? First of all, you could get caught, and schools don't smile on that kind of activity. Second, isn't that kind of demeaning to you? I assume you have goals and ambitions, and that they are not to be someone who a guy uses whenever he gets the desire? Your life, but boy, I'd think about the relationship.
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yea cause that has been going on for a week  with my breast i thought it would go away since i got it during my period what about the discharge being a little red when i was fingered 2 days ago can it be that my hymen was stretched since it was my first time
It could be.

If you're having liquid come from your breasts, it's always a good idea to get a checkup and get your prolactin levels checked. But if you just had your period, you are certainly not pregnant.
the blowjob happened right the next day i got off my period and i used my saliva that same day
As I mentioned, semen does not last hours and hours in the mouth, through mouthwash and probably eating lunch.
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