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can a virgin girl be pregnant

Can you be pregant from being fingered with possible sperm on a hand, but you are still a virgin? my period is 15 days late. it was due from 10th dec whereas the above mentioned recreation happened on about 15thdec or so.today is 6th jan and my period has not yet come. what should i do? help! i feel kinda depressed too.
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Yes, you can be pregnant if sperm was on the fingers.
Go and buy a test.
Ask your mother to go with you.

If you were my daughter, I would be sad that you didn't come to me.

Stress can also cause a late period, along with weight loss, and hormonal fluctuations.

What you should do is get a calendar and mark the day of the month that you start.  Learn how long each cycle is.  Cycles can be from 28-35 days.  I usually start on day 31.  I have started as late as day 45.  I am 29.

Keep up with your days since you are becoming sexually active.

Keep up with your days even if you decide the right decision--to stop being sexually active at a young age.

Make sure you count day 1 as the actual day you start.  Some people don't.  

If you are going to be sexually active, mark your calendar with a symbol that represents fingering with no sperm, fingering with sperm, or full penetration.  If you have more than one sex partner put two symbols...that way you can track what with whom.

I've never done that, but I used symbols to track what days I had sex with my husband for pregnancy--I didn't want my friends to walk up to my wall calendar and read that I had sex that day.

I really wish you would just enjoy your youth--sex will always be there.  Is it really worth this emotional rollercoaster?

I hope things work out for you.

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Depends on how long the sperm was there for. Sperm can last up to about 9 seconds before dying when its not in the vagina.

Your best bet is to buy a test, I'm thinking its most likly the stress.

Goodluck with it though!
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