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can i even have kids

My boyfriend and I were trying to have a baby and i was on birth control for a year and i stop taking them when I did my periods were going crazy i would have a peroid for 2 days then about not even a week I started again so I went to my doctor and got a pregnancy test done cause i was having all the systoms like bad stomach in the morning,eating alot all the systoms a pergant women would get and i came up negetive so we keeped trying for 6 months having sex every day and im still not pergent whats going on can i even have kids.
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On average it takes a couple a year of trying during the fertile time to get pregnant. Every month you have a 20% chance of getting pregnant.  And once you get off birth control it can take your body a while to get back to normal. Have you tried  OPK's or have you done BBT?  It will happen, just give it time. I know it is hard to wait, once I got off depo I didn't even get my period for 5 months (and I only got it then because my doctor jump started it) and once I got my periods back it took me 3 months to get pregnant, then I lost that baby then 2 months later I was pregnant again. So it can take awhile, but it will happen =)  baby dust!
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So you want to have a baby!?  It's not as easy for some like it is for others.  You stated that you were on the BCP for about a year.  First, when you stop taking the pill you should wait about three months before trying to conceive.  It gives your body a chance to get hormones back in order.  However, it sounds that your body is having a time readjusting after taking the pill.  I hate to pick this as a first topic but being over weight and having abnormal periods go hand in hand (usually).  So, if you are a little heavy try trying to loose a few pounds.  This will only be healthier for you and your new growing child.  A Gynecologist will tell you that you might have to wait up to one year to get regular periods back after the pill.  Start keeping track of your cycles.  On the first day of your period, begin taking your temperature first thing in the morning (before you get up to pee or anything) write it down on your calendar.  Do this for three months.  Plot the temperatures that you have been writing down on a chart and see when the temperature goes up--this reportedly is when you ovulate.  You are most likely to get pregnant if you have intercourse 2 days prior to the ovulation and 2 days after.  This is just a side little tip--Some women have a very thick vaginal mucous.  This mucous hangs around the entry way into the uterus.  Try taking the maximum allowed dosage of Robitussin during the peak ovulatory time.  I am talking about plain old Robitussin (guafenisen) It wont be harmful to the conceived child and unless you are allergic to it (don't take it in that case) it wont hurt you.  What it does is thin the mucous in the vagina out making it easier for those sperm to swim through.
Britt-be patient. Take prenatal vitamins while trying to conceive. Don't get real frustrated.  The Lord has a plan for you and a baby NOW might not be part of that plan.
I wish you all the luck and blessings.  Be sure and see your gynecologist and he will put you on the right track.
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Hi, I really need some answers from anybody who knows abt this, I was supposed to get my 2nd shot on 13th of this July...I don't even had my period for year(I think) I can't bearly remember when was the last time I had my period. I go on and off of Depo Shot. my bf and I have unprotection sex yesterday 28th July....Is there's a chance I could be pregnant the way I don't want to get pregnant. before you saying something, the reason I get off of depo cause I gaining so much weight like crazy at 210lbs, I'm 24 yr old. its been 2 weeks that I was supposed to get second shot.
I'd really appreciated the helps for answer
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I think all you can do is test.  I would go talk to a doctor about the whole thing, not just walk in and get a shot.  Talk about:  weight issues plus the Depo effect, other forms of birth control, getting a pregnancy test, and methods for weight loss when on good protection.  Put it together as a whole program, not just here I get this shot and there I do something for my weight.  Get the doc to give you a pregnancy blood test, tell him it is just too unreliable to use a urine-based test when you don't know when your last period should have been.
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hi i have been trying to have baby for 5yrs know and im scared to go to the doctor but i think its about time we but i dont know how to aks my boyfriend about does anybody have anything they can tell me
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what is your question. it was kinda hard to understand with the spelling. you want to know how to ask* your boyfriend about.....about what?
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