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can you get prego from anal sex!?

is there any possible way you can get prego from anal sex!?? so me and my boyfriend had unprotected anal sex while i was on my period. i am scared that if any of his semen got around that area thatvi could get prego?? is thaf true and what are my chances.. i got my period the next month but it was a week early and seemdd normal (filled up my tampons, red color, heavyish on some days, lasted 5 days) also can you ovulate normaly while pregnant ? cause i have had stringy clear mucous.. im scared cause my breast have been hurting a little over the past two days but on h s had more pain than the other..i was told that it could be from ovulating..my period is suppose to come on the 7th of june but my period has always been irragular...can someone pleasee help me??? im not ready for a baby nor do i want one at this time.. *****PLEASE HELP!!!!!********
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You can only get pregnant from vaginal-penile penetration. Even if his sperm got around the vagina you couldn't get pregnant because sperm dies once it hits the air. Don't stress out, that causes your period to be more late. If you are that concerned, take an at home pregnancy test.
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Hi there and welcome. No, you can not get pregnant from anal sex but you CAN get a sexually transmitted disease.  I'd consider always using protection.  Many a boyfriend has lied to a girlfriend and given them an std.  So, take care of yourself and use a condom ALWAYS.  

Sperm actually doesn't die immediately upon reaching air.  Don't count on that by any means.  Sperm is dead when it dries out only.  (as in a dried sperm stain) When it is still wet, the sperm are active.  

good luck
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thank you guys so much!! this help ALOt and i know i was stupid for doing that HUGE mistake... and ithink i fine cause im just now starting my period thank god!!!
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Had unprotected anal sex and he came in my *** am I prego
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