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chest and back pain

I have been experiencing chest pain in my left breast along with back and shoulder pain.  It can sometimes last for days on end and is very painful and scary.  I have gone to the emergency room twice, the first time I was having a full blown anxiety attack.  I was kept there overnight on a heart monitor after having an ekg done.  When i saw the cardiologist in the am, he informed me that I have an irregular heartbeat but it was nothing to be alarmed about.  
1 month later I had been suffering the pains for at least a week. Called my doctor who advised me to start prevacid. after a few days and no relief at all, off the ER I went again.  Ekg came back fine, had ultrasound of gallbladder, fine, blood pressure is always fine.  Kept overnight and monitored in telemetry unit.  Also had an ehco done. this showed mild enlargement of heart. all blood work was normal.  followed up with cardiologist who did another ekg, fine and checked all records from the ER. Had stress test done, that also was fine.  Went back to my doctor who said it sounds like gas.  was put on omeprazole which helped with heartburn and acid, but had some bad side effects so stopped taking.  Now yet again I am having the pains in left breast, armpit and back along with headaches. The pain is terrible and I am unable to sleep at night.  BP is 117/89 pulse 72.  Wondering if I should call the dr again, but she doesn't seem to provide any answers.
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Twice in my life I've had chest/shoulder/back pain which resulted in a diagnosis of infected joints in my chest, and the second time a pulled muscle from coughing.  The rest of the times I've ever had that pain it was something to do with my heart which I've had problems with, and a slipped disc in my neck which radiates pain elsewhere, such as the chest/shoulder/back.  Has any of that been ruled out?  I also have a irregular heartbeat and have been told by all my doctors it's nothing to be alarmed about.  I don't know about calling the same doctor again.  I know it's frustrating, what about going to a totally new doctor?  Sorry I don't have any answers with you, just wanted to share my experienced with somewhat the similar symptoms you have.  Good luck to you and please let us know how it goes.
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Thanks for giving me some information. Last night I had a terrible night. The pain was also in the right side of chest. It is back again tonight. seems like it is worse at night.  Now it is like an intense burning across my chest.  I cannot sleep and am starting to get anxiety from this.  Blood pressure was 129/87.  I guess I will be calling the dr in the am to see what can be done.  The pain is very instense.  It seems that if I press where the pain is it is sore in that area.  My cardiologist said if it is painful to touch it is not heart related.  I hope he is right.  I was also told that from one of the doctors in the ER when I was there in February.  I just don't know what to do to relieve the pain. I have taken motrin and also malox.  My stomach also feels bloated at times.
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