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colgate toothpaste is safe for feminine wash for women?

it is safe?
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Why would you want to do that?  No, not a good idea.
You can use a dab of antibacterial soap at best otherwise normal shower soap is fine and never wash inside your vagina.  That destroys the ph and natural flora and you can get infections either bacterial or yeast.  
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Do NOT use anything mint to wash your lady parts with.
1) it will burn like fire ants, and
2) your vagina and labia will not smell minty-fresh.

I was once given Aveda rosemary-mint body wash in a hotel room.  I washed as I normally would, and let me tell you, my entire area felt like it was on fire for about 5 minutes, and it didn't completely wash off easily.  Don't put mint-scented products down there or you will regret it instantly.
oh my.  That's true, that tingly fresh that burns a little on the mouth would be oh so very comfortable down below!  
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If you're doing this on the belief that you aren't clean in your vagina, please think again. The vagina is a naturally self-cleaning area, both by its fluids and by its balance of good bacteria and enzymes and all. All you need to wash are your vulva lips. Don't destroy the natural flora of your clean inner body. Wash the outside bits with regular soap, and rinse well. Let your body do what it's built to do.
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