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confused, unusual period, spotting???

Hi well heres my story, i usually have very regular periods fairly heavy lasting 6-7 days. my last normal period started 9th sept and lasted 6 days. then on 26th and 27th of sept i had some spotting, on 1st oct i had a very faint poss preg test (could be evaportaion line?) anyway i tested again next day and it was neg. on 5th october i got my period (3 days late!) and its very brown and a lot lighter than normal with a few red spots and today (8th oct) im no longer bleeding. this is very unusual for me as it was very light and only lasted 3day. does any one have any idea what going on with me?? thank you xxx
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Hi there and welcome to the forum!  Well, it is always hard to say as periods can just be abnormal at any given time for a woman.  Things like stress, weight gain or loss, or a blip in hormones can cause a change in one's usual period.  

Could there be any way you were pregnant?  Chemical pregnancies/miscarriages happen in which someone did fertalize an egg but it happens very quickly that the pregnancy doesn't take.  In times in which early pregnancy tests weren't available, women never even knew that they were pregnant for that couple two or three days.  The faint line indicates you had some of the pregnancy hormone in your blood stream.  While false negatives are common, false positives are less so.  

So, I'd wait to see what kind of period you have this month.  If it is late, take another pregnancy test.  

If it continues to happen, you may want to check with your doctor to discuss what might be going on with your hormones.  good luck dear
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Good Morning   SAZ
I would give the same advice Special-mom gave you.

Good luck and make sure you let us know how you are doing :)))
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Thank you for the reply! I'm guessing I could of probably had an chemical pregnancy. I'll see how my next period is. I'm not TTC at the moment as I have a 19month old but this has made me really think. Hmm might have to have a word with the hubby ;) xxx
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Just an update. I've got quite a lot of dark brown discharge and I've also got the following symptoms, headaches, tiredness, dizzy spells, hot flushes, anxiety, stomach and back ache and my face has broke out in spots. A lot of symtoms i know! Going to make doc appointment but just registering with new docs at min so can't get one straight away.
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I am glad you are getting in to see Doctor Hopefully they can get you in fast CRY if you have to!
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Another update! Still haven't been to docs struggling to get an appointment anyway still getting brownish discharge dizzyness bloating and tiredness. Aneey more ideas anyone? This is driving me insane lol
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