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my wife last week had Dilatation and Curettage (D&C ) she 37 and I am 38yrs old, the doctor said to her that she can't have vaginal sex for six weeks my queston is can we have anal sex? during this time
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your wife just had SURGERY, and you are so worried about not getting any that you want to put her through anal sex while she recovers from this surgery??  are you for real??
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gee, maybe you need to spend a little time thinking about your wife and HER needs at a time like this.
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is that something that you typically do? have anal sex?
have you talked with her to see? is that what SHE wants?
you may need to use your right hand for JUST a little while longer until she heals. personally....sex is NOT something i'd be thinking about  while trying to recover form something so physically and emotionally draining.
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if you were my husband and asked this, id hand you what part it is you are thinking with, unattached of course!
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i'd say, YEAH go for it, as long as she can do the same to you after surgery !

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Nice, real nice.  I would divorce my husband if he even asked such a question after going through the loss of a baby and surgery.  
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