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could i b pregnant ?

my question is kind of weird but i am in a lot of tension...last month i visited my boyfriend...and then we got naked but we were both in our underwears...he had first wrapped his penis with some tissues n then with a plastic wrap..the one avaliable at a supermarket...n we didnt have sex..but he just touched my vagina with his penis..n yes still in underwear...infact all the time...so this is all what happened...and two or 3 days later i had my period as well..but then after some more time...i dont know exactly how many days...anyway so i am having pain in my lower right abdomen...sometimes severe pain..i even had an USG done sometime back...but the docs couldnt really understand...n well they asked me to take antibiotics...n since then m having them...n i still get pain...n from what i read on the net i think like i have some of the symptoms of pregnancy...n i am really worried cause i cant talk about this with anyone..plz help me......n yes something felt hard in that area...n since sm days i feel like that pain had expanded to more area...i mean the area in which i felt pain..it seems like that has increased...

well from what i read on the net..cud b appendictis or smthng called PID..or ...what i fear..

i had my period on 5th augst...but the problem is i took sm sort of medicin which causes a girl not to have period...i had it cz of the pain ...so sm days later i stopd takin that medicine...n i had another period...n because of that m not sure wn should i b expecting my next period..am i late...i just know...look i konw this ol myt sound weird to you..but you gotta help me sister.....

also i feel like my tummy is a bit fat now,,,:?...plz doc reply ASAP...

additional details..-
1) the thing with my bf had happened between 1st and 5th augst...on 15th i had my USG ...and the report was.."RIF tenderness....no mass seen however free fluid is seen"
2)almost 7 weeks after all this i took 2 pregnacy home tests..n all three were negative....but still somehow i am scared.
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Could it be your appendix?
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