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cracked dry ITCHY labial skin

Hi there. I was doing an internet search for what could possibly be going on with me. I'm 22 years old and for the past 6 or so years, I have had dry ITCHY as all get out, flaky skin on my outer labia moreso on the left side than the right. I came across this website because of a thread (http://www.medhelp.org/forums/WomensHealth/messages/2890.html) but, unfortunately, the thread was closed for commenting. So, I have made this new one to hopefully get some answers. I haven't been to a doctor for this, but as it turns out from what the other ladies have said, none of them really help as it is. What I'm wondering is, have any of you experienced this lately and do you have any advice?
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Do you have other troubled dry flaky areas on your body?

Try a dermatologist.  Just because your tender parts are aflicted doesn't mean it isn't a skin condition.
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hey - i was recently having some trouble with very dry, irritated skin down there.. The first time I went to the doc thinking it was a yeast infection, but she said it was just very dry & she gave me a prescription cream that has really been working great everytime. Also, I shower twice a day (before work & after the gym) and she thought the water was irritating it. So I try to shower less, and I also put a filter on my shower head to purify the water (since I had recently moved to a new place)...

So far, I've been much better.  Really, the cream helped, and I must say, I think it was related to the birth control pill I was on too, I just switched.

So, it could be a lot of factors... you may want to visit your doc just to be safe though.

Take care
What was the cream called? I am on birth control pill too but the itching and peeling only occurred over a week ago while I was abroad. Please help as its very irritating and uncomfortable.
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I've never been on birth contol and i'm not taking any medications at this point. Infortunately for me, I don't have health insurance and can't really afford to go to the doctor right now.

Free, I have very dry skin on my lower legs, mostly on my shins that get increasingly worse every time I shave. So, i just stopped shaving (i feel bad for my boyfriend though lol) I can't even bring my self to think about shaving "down there" anymore because whatever moisture was in there just gets stripped away and makes it itch even worse.
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OK - one more thing that helped, sounds really weird - but baby diaper rash cream like Desitin?

My Doc suggested that to me - and at my worst, I used it and it seemd to help - it's just a little messy, but it seemed to do the trick - try that maybe?

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The desitin should work good except if you are using condoms as birth control.  It has an oil that can break down condoms and cause failure.
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About 3 days ago, I was sitting down, and all of the sudden I felt wetness down there. I haven't gotten my first period yet, so I figured that's what it was. But when I went into the bathroom, it looked like I had peed my pants! This happened again, later that day.
I started wearing pads, and they got stuck to the lips of my vagina. Also, my vagina is really itchy and I have a rash between my vagina and butt. I also noticed what looked like dead skin on the outer lips of my vagina. i scratched it and skin started to flake and peel.
This is really uncomfortable for me. I always feel the need to itch and also my vagina is burning. I think it might be like your condition in some way, but I'm not sure... What do you think?
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