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delayed period

i just have my last period on april 9-13,then this month my period didnt come im so worried so i buy a pregnancy test and its positive,..then i try another one and its negative...so i take my urine and give to the hospital and its really positive...my friend tell me to use cytomis can i take it oral?im so worried pls...i need any advice thanxz
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Hi there. Well, sounds like you are pregnant.  We can NOT give you recommendations on how to take a drug of any sort here.  Please understand that.  That would be irresponsible for us to do as only a doctor should be giving you such advice.  

Now, it would also be irresponsible for anyone here to give you advice on using a medication off label to induce abortion.  

My best advice is to see your doctor and discuss your options.  good luck
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What are the laws on abortion in your country?  If it's legal, you should go to a clinic and get it done properly.  Misoprostol has all sorts of warnings about it causing abortions or birth defects, but it's not an approved usage of the drug.  It can cause uterine bleeding and incomplete abortions, and you might end up with a severely deformed child.  It is apparently used in conjunction with Mifepristone in the US.

For medical abortions, the recommendations I read say you should be less than 49 days pregnant.  You also need several doctor's visits to confirm completion of the abortion, and there's a risk of infection or heavy bleeding that could require hospital treatment.  Please, please, please go to a doctor and get professional advice.  There are forums here with actual doctors to answer your questions, at the very least.
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I would advise you to see your doctor as soon as possible.  

He should be able to prescribe you with the correct medication to terminate the pregnancy.  Any of these types of medications must be taken before 12 weeks.

I do not know the law in your country with regard to the doctor prescribing you with a pill to terminate.  

Hope you get on alright.  Best to use protection to avoid getting pregnant.

Best wishes.

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im working here in gulf country...im so worried i dont know what would i do...
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Whatever you decide to do, you need to make a decision fairly quickly.

If you are pregnant and want to keep the baby, that is good.

If you do not wish to keep the baby, you need to act before the 12 week gestation time as regards oral medications.

It is a very difficult decision to make.  But it is only a decision that only you can make.  Terminating a pregnancy at any time is a very traumatic experience and you may have regrets later on in your life and be emotionally disturbed by it for a long time afterwards.

But at the end of the day it is only you that can make that decision.
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Ugh, bad situation sweetie.  I wouldn't want you to listen to any of your friends about something so serious.  Taking a drug like that just because someone says it 'works' is not smart.  Things like this need to be handled properly for your own health and safety.  

This pregnancy appears to be unwanted so what do people in your country do that legitimately terminates pregnancy?  Abortion is legal in the US and an option for women.  Not sure where you specifically are at.  

But anything like that needs to be done right.  Some women do cause issues with future fertility by a bad abortion option.  

I do feel for you and wish you luck.  peace
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