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diabetes test

I have to go for my diabetes test tomorrow and the doc said I can eat a little something as long as it is not loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. Any suggestions??? The only issue I have is, I don't have a lot of time in the morning for breakfast, it is usually a grab and run thing. Also should I just drink water in the morning? I need to pass this test! Diabetes runs really bad in my family! Dang near every woman has it. I don't eat too much sugar but I don't want to eat the wrong thing and fail the test because of that! Thanks ladies!
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By the way, this is for my 25th week pregnancy thing! Most of ya'll know that but for those who didn't! Please use as an open forum also!
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Oatmeal on the go, or a low fat granola bar.  I don't think drinkning water will have any effect.

Are you feeling okay?  

Let us know the results, we have to be the nosiest group of women in the world.

Good luck.
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If you want something quick, try a sandwich on whole wheat bread. I have gestational diabetes so I am doing the gestational diabetes diet now and testing my blood sugar 4 times a day.

If you eat a carb or sugar, eat a protein (eggs, meat, peanut butter, etc.) with it. The protein helps your body slow down the digestion of the carb or sugar so that you don't process it to fast.

I would suggest a sandwich on whole wheat bread, with meat. Like a ham and cheese sandwich or something.

As for drinking, you can drink water if that is what you like but you could also have something else. I can have as much Crystal Light as I want because it has no (or very little) carbs in it. (I believe it is sweetened with an artificial sweetener).

Are you doing the 1 hour glucose test or the 3 hour one??

If you have any more questions, just ask. Post the results when you get them. :)

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I am doing the one hour. I don't  know why I am so nervous about it! I did okay with my other 2! I think I just know I am a little heavier and unhealthier than the last 2 and I am a little older! You wonderful group of ladies! Of course I will let you know the results!
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Yes I am feeling fine today! Baby kicking away! Adevotee, how far a long are you? How is your diet going! I feel like my sinuses are acting a fool! Lots of mucous! My carpal tunnel is going away a little bit so that is great!
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I worked is a OB/GYN office and most of the women would schedule the test early to get it over with and then head for the door to eat eat eat!! LOL
Were you given the Glucola to take home and drink before your visit? That was how we did it and the women were instructed to eat normally up until you started to drink the Glucola. Once you begin, you drink it (we told them to refrigerate it--NOT FREEZE it, brcause it is slightly better cold) as fast as you can, and once you finish it, you need to have your blood drawn exactly one hour after finishing it having had nothing to eat or drink (NOT EVEN WATER) in that hour.
Eating normally before the test will not alter the results as there is such a high amount of Glucose in the drink that if you are Diabetic, it WILL show up, weather you choose a doughnut or a bowl of corn flakes for breakfast. If the test comes back positive, you will most likely be sent to a Lab for a 3 hour test. This will determine for sure if you have Gestational Diabetes. Try not to worry. Even if you do, it is manable and usually goes away after delivery. Not sure if you have been spilling sugar in your urine. if so, then there is a higher probability that you may have some issues. If not, then again, try not to worry. I know.. Easier said than done.
let us know and the best of luck to you.

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