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What do you do to prevent vaginal discharge?
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If you have a vaginal discharge, you should make an appointment to see your doctor to identify if this is a bacterial or fungal problem.

An antibiotic is used to treat a bacterial infection.  Bacterial infections can produce creamy to yellow discharge that is foul smelling.

A fungal infection like Thrush can produce a discharge that is white or like curdled white cheese.  This would be treated by an antifungal pessary, an antifungal cream and/or an antifungal medication to be taken by mouth.

If your discharge is clear, this happens when your body gets sexually aroused, and can also happen when you ovulate.

To help to prevent fungal and bacterial discharge, wash regularly, wipe your bottom from front to back when emptying your bowels.  Always wash your hands after using the toilet.  

To avoid fungal infections, the same as above and also only wear cotton underwear, avoid manmade fibre fabrics as these will make you sweat more and encourage fungal growth.

Be very careful who you have sexual intercourse with, as bacteria and fungal problems can be passed on.  Use latex free condoms as latex can be an irritant.

Seek medical attention if you have a bacterial or fungal discharge as mentioned above.

Best wishes.

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Thanks for the great advice to the poster Jemma.  To add, yeast infections or fungal infections can be greatly improved by eating probiotic yogurt (I like Dannon Activia brand) or taking a probiotic.  This helps keep the ph of the vagina balanced.  Never douche.  And try to cut back on sugar.  This adds to discharge and fungal issues.

If you have having abnormal discharge, it is helpful to see a doctor who can quickly diagnose exactly what type of discharge it is and help you with a treatment plan.  good luck

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Eating natural yogurt (I eat the set one) is excellent to help guard against fungal problems, but unfortunately, this is not always enough.  It has been debated that when taking antibiotics, yogurt should not be consumed at that same time.  You can these days purchase pro and prebiotics in capsule form.

Fungus loves sugar.  So cutting out or cutting down on sugary foods and drinks is definitely a help.  

Do bear in mind too, that using antibiotics can encourage fungal growth.  This is because not only the antibiotics kill off the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria and the fungus starts to multiply.    If someone does know that they get fungal infections from using antibiotics, the doctor can prescribe antifungal medications by way of a cream for use on the genitals, pessaries, or medication to be taken by mouth or both.

Fungal growth causes Thrush which can cause itchiness with or without a discharge.

As a home remedy, applying natural set yogurt to the cleaned and gently dried genitals does help if there itching and irritation.

Wearing cotton underwear also helps as it helps the skin to breathe and doesn't cause so much sweating as manmade fabrics.
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