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do i have a kidney infection?

hello~ i’m a otherwise healthy 20 year old female & honestly, i don’t have the best eating habits and literally rely on my metabolism which is not good & now i’m a little worried. i have discomfort in my lower abdomen and i feel like the pain is in a ball between my hips. legs hurt a little bit. this has been happening for more than 12 hours. i thought it would go away after some sleep but the discomfort is still here. not severe right now because i can walk & dance around pretty well. i want to wait a little bit more before seeing a doctor but also don’t want to in case it’s serious, like a kidney infection. my friends have asked if it’s PMS but i’m not the type to get pains like this....discomfort feels more prominent when sitting/lying down. tmi but also a bit gassy & my feet are cold (but i’m sitting in fromt of the fan so...) idk if this is helpful but i also walked through the rain yesterday....don’t know if that’s a contributor.
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First, it likely is not a kidney infection as kidney pain would occur in either side of your back, since your kidneys lie in the back part of your abdominal cavity.  Secondly, you would be surprised the pain that something as simple as gas can cause. I was once told by my doctor that gas pains have had a few of her patients consider going to the hospital before. Take 2 gas-x and wait a few hours I bet you’ll be good as new! :) hope it helps
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hi! i bought the gas-x and have looked up trapped gas problems and i think this might be what’s wrong with me hahaha tysm! xo
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