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dramatic change in periods! help!

ever since i've first gotten my periods they have been totally cramp free, decently light ((light enough that i wouldn't have to wear a pad and i didn't have to worry about leaking usually.)) and really awesome. never got any PMS or anything. they have been rather irregular, sometimes not appearing for three months, then appearing, but overall have been alright and not a problem.
last period didn't give me any PMS warnings, like usual, but it was EXTREMELY heavy. As in, EXTREMELY heavy that I dribbled out blood all the time, passed clots, and when I tried not wearing a pad like usual, well... that didn't go down well. it lasted for 7 days, ((I think it was August 25th through August 31st)) i think the dates were  didn't taper off at all, just super heavy for 7 days, and then it stopped completely. i thought it could be the change in diet ((I had eaten a lot of rather unhealthy and sugary junk food in the past week)) so i carried on.

Come this month, we had a trip, so I drank a lot of lemon water on I think the 22nd and 23rd of September, and sure enough my period did not come until October 1st at night. My chest has been rather sore for the past few weeks, like a bruised feeling, as well?? I read that the lemon can delay your period but the next time you get it, the cramps will be bad.
It's crazy heavy again and I'm having pretty bad cramps, although I could be blowing things out of proportion since I've never really had cramps before. I'm also really cold even though I'm wearing a sweater and was very cold last night.
I don't want to tell my parents because that'd be really... awkward.

Is there something wrong with me, or is this just normal teenage hormones? ((I'm 14 years old and female!))

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I know it's embarrassing but talk to you're mom if you are concerned are a doctor.
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It's probably normal .. Your body is maturing .. Period cramps vary from one women to another as well as the heaviness .. A doctor would prescribe you a medicine so that your period would pass smoothly.. The coldness is also something common nothing to worry about .. I also have these symptoms .. And don't feel weird talking with your mum about it
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