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elevated protein c

I am 5 months pregnant and my doctor called me today to tell me that my protein c is elevated and I need to see a specialist.  I tried to google it but I can't understand a word those sights have to say.  Has anyone heard of this and is this somthing I should worry about??
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I'll keep you posted....  On the maternal forum someone gave me a website and it said it can often be elevated due to pregnancy.  I'm trying not to get to worked up over it because I have had so many issues already.  My bp is only 116/62.    thats a good bp.  I'm only around 20w so I hope its nothing serious.  Isn't pregnacy fun???   I remember being 21 and scared to death the get preg and now I am preg and scared to death to loose it.    I can't win  ...lol.....what are your meds for??
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Yeah, lots of fun! I have a bladder infection and had one a few months ago, along with a kidney infection. So now I'm on antibiotics until the end of the pregnancy. I'll be 20 weeks on Sunday!
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Is it something to do with pre eclampsia maybe? I'm just basing that off of the protein part. I had that in my urine and had to be induced early because of it. Do you have high blood pressure.

I just got a call back from my doc. UTI again...on antibiotics now for the rest of the pregnancy. What fun! I wouldn't think it would be good for the baby?? Who knows...

Keep us posted on your results. I'm curious to know what that means.
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