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excessive hair growth

i'm 18 years old, turning 19 in August.
I've always had body hair (light, short, usual kind) normal in my family (at least from the dad's side).

Recently I've (and mum, sister and everyone else) noticed that my facial hair has started to grow longer. My mustache is getting worse, i'm starting to grow a freakin' beard! and I've also got long hair growing on and below my jaw.

I've never really cared about being so hairy, but people keep bringing it up so now i'm starting to notice it myself. I'm beginning to get annoyed and a bit worried. Annoyed because people keep bringing it up, and worried because someone mentioned the other day that it could be serious.

I've also, sort of, got irregular periods with extensive pains, but everyone has various levels of pain tolerance. Anyway, sometimes they get to the point i just want to puke, cry, and yell at anyone that breaths in my direction.
I have that 'love line' too, but only because I accidentally applied hair removal cream on my stomach by mistake while removing my pubic hair..so that's no problem. Lol. My fault.
In the last few months pimples have started breaking out on my face for some reason and leave behind marks, which never happened before, not when I hit puberty and not when I had chicken-pox.

What else...Oh! I've started waxing recently. First few times it was just my legs, then armpits (whacked myself in the face once, and a few times after that *sigh* ). Last week I waxed my pubic hair for the second time, not all of it this time 'coz that sh*t hurts like m*therf*cker!!!

Anyway, the second time I waxed my legs (in feb. 2015) I got pimples, I have 3 big scars on my left calf and back of thigh as well as small ones all over my legs. And the first time I waxed my pubic area I got pimples, I thought that was normal, but it happened again last week..and now i don't think that's normal. For some reason I get pimples/acne a few days after waxing? This happen to anyone else?
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Your symptoms are very common for something called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). You can look it up and see that it fits you to a "T." It is a metabolic condition of insulin resistance. If you are overweight or prone to weight gain, keeping a normal weight can help restore normal hormone and insulin function and improve symptoms including the irregular periods.

Hope this helps!
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