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feeling pain and a very down after ovary removal and fallopian tube

Hi there,
I just had a laparoscopy done on Thursday for suspected endometriosis.  The surgery ended up lasting 3 hours and when they got in there, my Dr. realized I had such a severe case of endometriosis that my insides as she puts it "is completely cemented together."  My right cysts had a hemorrhage cysts that was actually bleeding and actually destroyed my right ovary to the point she had to remove the ovary and the fallopian tube.  My colon is attached to the back of my uterus and my left ovary is wrapped around the colon as well.  I never imagined loosing my right ovary because all my pain was on my left side.  I have been in a ton of pain and suffering for years but kept putting surgery off because in my head I was terrified of having a hysterectomy. (stupid I know!!) so I lived in pain until it got to the point where I couldn't even walk or get out of bed and go to work and take care of my kids.  My question is, well are few actually!  Is it normal on day 5 of having an ovary and tube removed to still be very sore on that side.  I feel like a tearing pain whenever I get up or have to lay down.  My tummy is still slightly bloated and hard.  I am also very depressed and weepy.  Is this normal after having one ovary removed?  I still have to take my pain pills otherwise the pain keeps me awake.  I am trying to stretch is out till 6 hrs, instead of 4 hrs.  
I have read so many post where woman are better at this point and off pain meds and doing so much more then I am .  I have been in pain for so long and the only reason why I went for this surgery is to get some kind of pain relief.  My Dr. told me everyone is different and that it takes time for the body to heal.  I am also depressed because unfortunately my Dr. couldn't separate my ovary or uterus from my colon during the laparoscopy. So this means another surgery, which at this point I don't even know if I can handle.  The other issue, she is strongly recommending for me to have my left ovary removed because the endo is so severe, that I need a full hysterectomy.  I am only 36 and I don't want to go through menopause.  I have suffered for years with this pain and now I feel like I am just trading another problem in for another set of headaches.  I have all these things running through my head which is making my recovery so much harder.  I am just reaching out to see if pain and emotional trauma is normal after this kind of surgery and when should I start to feel better?  Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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