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first period after d & c

First period after d & c.. i got periods after 5 months and first few days light spotting then it stopped. Then again it started after 2 days. Then again it came with heavy bleeding on day time n less at night. It has been more than 10 days now. Can any1 pls tell me what shud i do?
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So, was this an evacuation procedure either from a miscarriage or abortion?  Meaning, you'd have pregnancy hormones still in system??  I'm asking not to pry into your private life but sometimes if our hormones go through a dramatic shift, then we have things like spotting and such.  I'd say this is all normal.  What's the rule of thumb?  I think if you are having clots larger than a quarter or golf ball, call your doctor or if you soak a tampon in an hour call the doctor.  

How's it going now?
Hi no no its totally fine.. i had to do a d & c cz my periods didnt get regular for any medication.. i was bleeding for many months then doctor said to do it.. when i was a teenager my period was not always on time and i just ignored it. Thinking it wud cm the nxt month bt i was wrong.. i guess  my body is starting to get normal.
Oh, okay.  So this was a 'clean out'.  Was it a D&C or ablation? Probably D&C and with that, you will get some funky bleeding.  But your hormones sound like they've had a history of not cooperating.  Are you now going to try a different BC pill to try to regulate you or is this just hoping to get you kick started to a regular cycle?
my doctor said not to take any medication. any hormone pill for now. I have read that many people had periods for more than 10 days. thank you so much for replying I was so worried about it.
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It's not within normal to have a period for 10 days.  That's too long.  Doctors in my area and most become concerned about extended bleeding.  So, keep working with your doctor and hopefully you can get a solution.  good luck
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