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forgotten tampon

I had a tampon inside me for a month and didnt know until it came out on its own. I had a mild odor but didnt think nothing of it. i just thought it was from discharge right before my period. I felt very tired and depressed and i was very very irritable and lashed out at my loved ones.They thought i was crazy and was having a psychotic episode so to say. I already have a problem with depression and had it under control. I was wondering if having that tampon inside of me might have triggered this episode i had lastnight. I had the episode the night before it came out of me and the tiredness a few nights before it came out.
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If you find you have episodes like that when you have inflammation, illness or infection, it is slightly possible that the tampon gave you a slight infection and you lashed out due to it, but I would think you would know if you had an infection, since you'd have a fever.  Take your temp and see.
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Hi there.  I must admit, ugh, that I did this once myself.  I had no complications from it but know that you certainly can.  Agree that if you begin to show any symptoms such as a fever, pain, or bloating that you need to call a doctor right away.  But otherwise, all should be fine.  good luck
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