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full body pain

In 2006 my legs started to hurt really bad in the evenings ive have test done and diabeties has been eliminated.  but the last 4 years i have been dealing with widespread pain from my neck down all joints feel like there on fire and my muscles spasm alot my hands and legs go numb while im standing sitting and driving. ive had blood work done but no answers does anyone know what i can do next to try and figure out whats wrong.  im a mother of four children that need me alot.  the last few months my hands and feet have started to swell just doing the dishes.
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Have they checked you for arthritis??  You would need to check with a specialist to get a definitive diagnoses.


A rheumatologist is a doctor that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis and other diseases involving the joints, muscles, and bones.
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yes they have its both my joints and muscles not one or the other
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