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funny symptoms, very worried

I had unprotected sex a few weeks ago, however my boyfriend did not ejaculate inside me, and so we thought we'd be fine, until I found out that there was sperm in pre-ejaculation fluid, and it was too late to take the morning after pill. I was a week late for my period, and had been planning to start taking the pill (microgynon 30). so I got some really light bleeding on sunday and thought that was my period, so I took the first pill and have been taking it for the past few days. However, there has been no more bleeding, just really light brown dischargey fluid. I have also been getting white lumpy discharge and have not been weeing very regularly. I also have feelings of nausea sometimes. I'm only 17 and petrified that I may be pregnant...are these symptoms perhaps because of the pill or pregnancy?
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oh and one more thing, I've been quite run down and stressed this term from school, caught a couple of bugs, had a chest infection...I've had periods for almost 5 years now, but have only been regular the past year or so....I keep telling myself these could be reasons for missing this period...
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It might be.... I had a very similar fear once.

Im also 17 and started my period about the same as you (right after 6th grade) And ive also had sex. My fears were very similar when my period lasted for almost two months and stopped for a few more, lol. I was scared to death. Luckily, I told my mothr what was happening and I went to get a tummy gell x-ray thing...(the thing pregnant women get) and they could see that my ovaries were swollen and that it was caused my hormones... The hormones and swelling of the ovaries was preventing and even over encouraging my periods. It also gave me terrible and off cramps. Have you has these symptoms?

So it could possibly be from your hormones. And as for the discharge and nausea... It sounds like maybe an infection? Yeast infection? Im not quite sure.

Hopefully someone else can answer that question. I hope I provided with some help :)
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thanks for your advice,
I haven't had cramps and the longest period I've had in the past year is just over a week, but you could be right, it may just be my hormones, but it just seems to coincidental to me that all this is happening just after I had unprotected sex. I may have a yeast infection, but have read in other forums that many women get an infection when they're pregnant. Just rather confused at the moment, but am going to get a test later, so hopefully that might shed some light on things and set my head straight. I know it's bad, but I'm way too scared to tell my mum anything and have confided in my sister instead. My period was due some time between the 9th and the 16th of this month...
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Hmm, yea its still best to go see a professional. Luckily for me, my mothers a nurse practitioner so I can communicate with her pretty well about those sorts of things. My dad on the other hand is clueless... But going with your sister may be a better idea.

I hope things turn out well for you, I really do. :)

If you ever need someone to talk to about anything drop me some mail. We are the same age and both of us have problems (im dealing with my own realities now; and likely a very unfortunate one at that.)  Ive gotta face some consequences soon. I hope your fate doesnt end up as mine so be sure your careful. protect yourself :) Just having sex with one person my whole life has likely given me herpes. (i get lab results back in about a week) Wish me luck aswell.

take care :)
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Thank you so much... my sister came home from university yesterday and we spoke about it, and I've taken two tests and it was negative, but my god the whole thing shook me up. I know what you mean, it's a real reality check, because it sounds stupid, but you almost feel as if that sort of thing would never happen to you, and it could have very easily happened to me. I felt so stupid when I thought about it, but it has certainly taught me to always stay safe.
I hope things are alright for you, you're very lucky you have a mother who you can talk to like that. I mean, I love mine, but would be far to scared to talk to her about something like that, which does make me quite sad.
I wish you all the luck you could have and hope things turn out for the best.
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Your welcome girl :)

Good for you! Im glad things are looking up for you. Two tests coming back negative is wonderful. I cant imagine thinking I might be pregnant. I wouldnt know what to to. It seems like youve handled the scare pretty well though, but stuff like that really is a reality check. The past couple of years ive learned how life can really be, lol. Sometimes its not so kind. You always feel like you'll be lucky like everyone else.

Hopefully I'll be lucky :) I get the call soon so im going to be praying till then. Yea, its pretty cool that I can talk to my mom about that stuff. Unfortunately no one else in my family knows about these things. My moms a bit more understanding thank God...

Good luck too girl :D
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