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genial warts: concerns

I was recently (four months ago) diagnosed with HPV infection due to the presence of condyloma (genital warts). At the time of my visit to my OB/GYN most of the warts were small, singular growths that could easily be mistaken for skin tags. However, in the four months since my doctor's visit, the growths have gotten larger (in my estimation, 1/2 in. by 1/4 in.) and now have a more cauliflower-like apperance. They are clustered primarily in the perianal region. I recently used the prescription medication Aldara (Imiquimod) as indicated for one month. The clusters of perianal warts disappeared for a while (several weeks at most), but they have since returned and look the same as they did prior to treatment. My question is: Being that Aldara is an immune response modifier, do you think that I should try using the cream once more in hopes that it will stimmulate my immune system to fight the HPV? Also, if I use the medication for a second time and the warts reappear, what do you recommend as my next course of action? What is most effective, least painful, least expensive, etc.?
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hi there, i had the same problem as yourself! i was backwards an forwards to and from my local GUM clinic. I tried the a number of creams one being aldara which i had a sevier elergic reaction to and had to have a local anasthetic cream prescribed to me to even go for a wee because it was that painful goin the toilet.
anyway after a few mnths the warts kept re-appearing and spreading so my nurse/doctor in the GUM clinic decided that i shout have them frozen off as the creams were not working as well as they should.
It took me a year almost to get rid of them and have now been free of them for over 9 mnths!!
The doctor told me that if they dont reaccure after 6 mnths the chances of them returning are very slim but there is still a small possibility!
hope this helps :)
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